Putting the Learning Resource Industry in Context at CIC

Trisha Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer for Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, and Michael Jay, President of Educational Systemics, appeared on Education Talk Radio with host Larry Jacobs to discuss the upcoming Content in Context (CIC) conference, the transitions happening in the classroom, and how publishers can better partner with educators. Everyone agreed that learning resource industry members are already focused on making high quality content and materials; what we need to be doing is finding more effective ways to support teachers.


  • Michael Jay: Everyone in the education community is grappling with the transition process whether to digital materials or new education standards. At the CIC we are looking at how publishers can help educators and students with the transition and how they get to the end goal: increased achievement and learning. Since learning resource developers are focused on addressing the needs of educators, who are already ahead of the curve, publishers are very much looking ahead in the classroom. Parents, government officials, and educators alike, though, need to remember on average it can take one-two years to develop effective new materials.
  • Trisha Thomas: We always want to get back to helping teachers. Publishers are making great learning tools, but the missing ingredient is how we are getting training to teachers on how to effectively use them in the classroom. In addition to content and policy sessions, the CIC has a marketing strand that will look at working on the front end of your business and how to get educators to become advocates for your products.

Listen to the discussion on Education Talk Radio.

For more information on the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group’s Content in Context conference visit www.contentincontext.org.

Content in Context