Recognizing Hero Teachers Around the Globe

Although he’s part of an international technology company, for Anthony Salcito, Vice President – Worldwide Education at Microsoft, his job has never been about the hardware or software. His focus has always been on the students and the teachers and finding whatever solution helps them reach their potential. During an interview for his 2015 Visionary Award profile, Anthony remarked that most modern teachers don’t need technology in the classroom in order to help students learn. Instead, he said what effective teachers do is create systems that leverage technology outside of the classroom and understand how that can help their students continue their education on their own terms.

On his blog Daily Edventures, Anthony features videos, blog posts, and examples of excellent teaching to provide educators with inspiration and support as they tackle the challenges of the evolving classroom experience. At a time when teachers are often blamed for failing students and falling test scores, these global messages help celebrate educators who are making a positive impact on their students and community.

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