Report Shows Principals Still Concerned About Lack of School Resources

In the fifth annual survey of U.S. public school principals, MCH Strategic Data asked school leaders about their top concerns, including the state of technology, funding, and overall schools morale. “Unfortunately, this year’s survey continues the same drumbeat of recent years in terms of inadequate funding, general lack of resources, too much pressure and stress for teachers, and lots of change as higher standards and more technology are aligned to and integrated with the curriculum,” concludes the report. “What began in previous years as a small trend with teacher morale has now fully blossomed into concern about principals’ ability to recruit and retain teachers.”


  • Over 64% percent said that not only is their general funding not any better than last year, but they do not expect to see an improvement next year either.
  • Top concerns include lack of resources, academic achievement, and the increased economic fragility of student families.
  • More than 84% report that they have already implemented or are in the midst of implementing new higher learning standards. Compared to last year, only 32.9% of principals state that they are less concerned about this transition while 24.3% are more concerned.
  • Overall, new standards and online assessments are driving technology purchases. Devices, followed by infrastructure, are the biggest technology investments.
  • When it comes to deciding what educational apps to buy, more than half say they listen to recommendations from curriculum specialists, other educators or administrators.

Read 5th Annual Principals Assessment of Education, MCH Strategic Data (April 2016)

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