REVERE Awards Profile: Current Events and Professional Development through Magazines

Periodical publications not only allow learners and educators to stay current with the latest in news, culture, and more; they can also be an authoritative source on education trends and policy. The 2015 REVERE Awards for Magazines honorees excel at providing informative content in engaging formats that are also practical and relevant to the needs and interests of their audiences. Continue reading for profiles of several of this year’s finalists and winners.

Educational Leadership – 2015 Magazines Winner and Multiple Finalist


The purpose of Educational Leadership is to help educators understand better not just what to do, but when and why to do it. We hope that together these issues offer a trusted forum for educators who want to learn about learning. Being recognized is gratifying because it means that the hours spent by staff creating, choosing, acquiring and reshaping content have resulted in a great reading experience for readers.

Issues of Educational Leadership address what is on the minds of educators today [and approach] perennial topics in a fresh way. We developed the issue on “Building School Morale” after focus groups of educators several years in a row told us that morale was sinking all around them. What could be done to uplift educators' spirits when budgets and positions were being cut and new priorities were pushing out important old ones?

[In “Writing; A Core Skill,” a Single Issue Editorial winner] the whole issue is about instilling love of reading and writing. Authors describe how to offer encouraging feedback, use mentor texts, enlist parents to help kids learn to write, and encourage students to collaborate in digital space. Interspersed with the articles directed to educators, letters from noted children’s authors give kids personal advice about the tricks of the writing trade.

Kappa Delta Pi Record – 2015 Magazines Winner

Kappa Delta Pi

The Telling Stories department of the Kappa Delta Pi Record was inspired by a story that a teacher shared at a large lunch meeting. Though I didn't know [this teacher], I passed her a note to ask her to write and contribute her story for publication. That's how the department was born.           

As the stories for the department started to be submitted, with little prompting other than a brief request published with every story, it became more and more clear why people devote themselves to teaching as a career. After a couple years of published stories, I gathered them into a published book. When I was reading the page proofs, the inspiring words made me tear up with emotion. Though only 600 words, each story leaves a lasting impression.

Telling Stories might be thought of as a kind of Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul. Educators have come to depend on finding a story on the last page of the 48-page journal. I have a feeling that some readers may be sneaking a peek and reading that page first.       

Chirp Magazine – 2015 Magazines Winner


View this video—featuring adorable mascot Chirp—from the Owlkids staff to learn more about this winning magazine.


The Diversity Issue – 2015 Magazines Finalist

School Library Journal

Our diversity issue was a labor of love for the crew at School Library Journal. Beyond reporting on the lack of diversity in our sphere, primarily children's publishing, we wanted to highlight the good work being done by librarians, educators, and activists in making the world more equitable and representative of our rich culture. We also wanted to represent diversity as an issue extending beyond race to encompass gender and sexual orientation in the education and library fields. With this, the second dedicated issue in SLJ's 60-year history, we want to both inspire and challenge our audience and vendor community to do better to serve our children and future generations.              

School Library Journal serves a unique audience need, providing content that is consistently valued by our readers, from our reviews and columns to our features. We strive to provide both practical information to aid users in their immediate work as well as content that inspires and challenges them to evolve in their practice serving kids and teens.

Teaching Tolerance – Multiple 2015 Magazines Winner and Finalist

Teaching Tolerance, Southern Poverty Law Center

Teaching Tolerance magazine is such a great project to work on because we get to address topics that are critically important and intellectually engaging and--often--fun! Our goal is to provide educators the information they need to be reflective in their practice and to be advocates for all children. I truly think the 2014 issues of Teaching Tolerance accomplished this, particularly by reporting on equity concerns in many different parts of the school building.

[In 2015 News and Reporting winner “Lunch Lines”] we wanted to document how inequitable cafeteria practices stigmatize low-income students and uphold a system of de facto segregation. [This article] places inequity in school cafeterias front and center, making this article relevant to all stakeholders in K-12 education.               

[In “We Spoke the Right Things,” a 2015 Feature finalist] the story about 6-year-old Madisyn Jones, who simultaneously raises questions about the status quo and changes her town for the better, is nothing short of inspiring. [The article] speaks to young kids' natural abilities to see truths that many adults often don't. We also wanted to inspire adults to encourage those abilities in kids.

As always, you can read the full list of 2015 finalists and winners at the 2015 Awards Gallery and sign up for more information about the 2016 REVERE Awards here.