REVERE Awards Profile: Excellence in Education Marketing

The 2014-2015 REVERE Awards for Integrated Marketing marked a shift in the competition for education marketing. The focus on multifaceted campaigns, rather than single media categories, provided a comprehensive look at campaigns from start to finish, with a particular focus on clear and impressive results. Several Integrated Marketing honorees are profiled here.

Number Worlds

McGraw-Hill Education

Finalist in Integrated Marketing – Campaign budget between $30K – 75K

Number Worlds was developed to teach the math concepts and skills that are the foundation for later mathematical learning. Deeply rooted the Number Worlds pedagogy is the idea that students should be exposed to the many different ways that numbers and quantity are represented and talked about, so that students can apply the number knowledge they acquire flexibly, across contexts as they make real-world connections between their math understanding and the world around them. The program is intended to accelerate learning for students who are struggling in mathematics or at risk of falling behind. 

Recently, Number Worlds underwent a substantial update in order to address more rigorous standards and better meet the needs of teachers and students. The campaign that supported the launch of this update was inspired by students and their excitement for exploring the world around them as they embark on their individual path towards success.

Backstage with Everyday Mathematics 4  

McGraw-Hill Education

Winner in Integrated Marketing – Campaign budget between $30 – 75K

Everyday Mathematics is a well established brand with a long history of success; however, we knew that the brand needed to be refreshed -- given a more user-friendly feeling with an emphasis on collaboration and confidence while [continuing to maintain] the established brand identity of an academic, research based program. At the same time, as we thought about launching the latest version of the program, we also knew that we wanted to start to "tease" the market with sneak previews of what was coming - something we had never done with previous editions for fear of negatively effecting sales of the current edition.

We needed a campaign that allowed us to slowly reveal the new version of Everyday Mathematics to the market while helping us overhaul the brand itself. Out of that need, we developed the concept of taking customers "backstage," which allowed us to provide sneak peeks of the program while giving customers a sense of participation in the development process and encouraging a sense of community. By bringing a concert look and feel to the campaign, we were also able to shake up brand perception which had been overly academic and serious, allowing us to more easily reset brand identify for the new edition.

Compass Learning Classroom Refresh Contest

Compass Learning   

Finalist in Integrated Marketing – Campaign budget over $75K

Students everywhere love technology, and the Compass Learning Classroom Refresh Contest gave them a creative way to share their love and win a cool technology package for their school. What a great way for students to participate, in a fun way, in guiding their educational experience!

The Classroom Refresh Contest blended a commitment from multiple vendors and creative input from students and teachers to create a unique lead generation opportunity. Although at times it was challenging to manage all the individual tactics across the various campaign phases, when it came time to review the music videos that the schools submitted, it was extremely rewarding and a great deal of fun. Students and teachers were amazingly creative, and we all laughed until we cried at some of them. Plus, we got the tunes of the most common parodies stuck in our heads for days!                     

Strategies for Writers Integrated Marketing Campaign


Finalist in Integrated Marketing – Campaign budget over $75K

Facing a sharp increase in the number of sales-ready Strategies for Writers leads that our Marketing team was responsible for delivering last year, we planned a content-based nurturing campaign. Secondarily, we were trying to build Zaner-Bloser’s thought leadership and brand awareness and to increase engagement with our Strategies for Writers product with the content-marketing approach.

The content we offered was both pulled from our excellent, content-rich program and newly created in support of the campaign. This content was inspired by the needs of elementary and middle school educators; we often hear from educators that they are looking for engaging and effective resources for teaching and writing, and, in particular, the six traits of writing and writing process. The campaign’s content strategy was quite effective in nurturing educators who engaged with our free content into sales-ready leads.

Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge

Discovery Education

Winner in Integrated Marketing – Campaign budget over $75K

The TeenDrive365 Video Challenge is unique because it is the result of two trusted brands – Discovery Education and Toyota – coming together to tackle a critically important issue, raise even more visibility for the issue of safe driving, and deliver much-need scholarships to deserving students. According to the National Safety Council, the first year after a teen gets their license will be one of the most dangerous years of their life. The TeenDrive365 Video Challenge, a partnership between Toyota and Discovery Education, encourages high school students across the country to create short videos that will inspire their friends to drive more safely and avoid risky behavior behind the wheel.  

More than 1,000 teens participated in the 2014 TeenDrive365 Video Challenge, making it clear that eradicating distracted driving is not only a priority among adults, but also important to young drivers. Winning this award helps to shine a spotlight on this important issue and reinforce how powerful and effective a message can be when coming from a peer. 

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