REVERE Awards Profile: Focus on Social-Emotional and Character Learning

While standards and testing have dominated headlines in recent years, we’ve also seen a rise in products geared toward the social and emotional education of learners. The honorees listed below, from the REVERE Awards for the Classroom subcategory Social-Emotional and Character Learning and the REVERE Awards for Beyond the Classroom category Relate, are all working to create responsible, empathetic, and confident global citizens.

Suicide Prevention Guides – (Classroom – Social-Emotional and Character Learning finalist)

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for teens, after accidents and homicide. About 1 in 15 high school students attempt suicide each year, and about 1 in 53 make an attempt serious enough to require medical attention. Peers are often the first ones to notice the warning signs. These lesson plans are designed to help ensure that high school and middle school teens understand behavioral red flags and know what to do to help their friends and classmates. Simply put, the lesson plans were created to save lives.           

Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz – Learning Tyme (Beyond the Classroom – Relate  finalist)

We're addressing the issue of behavior and attitude at an early age where it's easy to shape the character of a child and prepare him/her for the business of life. Learning Values with Lucy and Whiz is an attempt to instill good behavior and moral values in every child. We've been relentlessly promoting the idea that without values, all of one's education can become useless or can be misused. In the former case it only hurts the person himself but, in the latter situation, it [can hurt] others too.

x2VOL – intelliVOL (Classroom – Social-Emotional and Character Learning finalist)

x2VOL removes the paper process of tracking, managing, verifying and reporting student service hours. By freeing up administrators from the paperwork burden, we also free them up to spend more time with students […] and other important priorities. x2VOL also makes it possible for schools to grow and expand community service. It keeps students focused on the value of their service by allowing them to reflect on their service, writing in thoughts and impressions for how their efforts have made a difference somewhere else or for someone else. We […] can’t help but be inspired each and every day by students and their teachers/administrators who keep community service a school priority.

The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant (Beyond the Classroom – Relate finalist)       

The Sleeping Giant Mountain is a significant natural land form located in Hamden, Conn. I was driven to tell this story because this Quinnipiac legend had never been captured in a picture storybook before, and I thought young readers might love the story as much as I did. What makes the book unique in the field is how the dramatic story is based in Native American lore and mythology combined with facts of how Northeast Woodland Native Americans lived from the land and how they respected the natural world with great reverence. All of this coalesced into one book that gets children excited about studying Native American history.

Axel’s Chain Reaction – Allison Pomenta and Higuera Studios (Beyond the Classroom – Relate winner and Golden Lamp winner in Beyond the Classroom)

The story of Axel's Chain Reaction combines my background in art education, with my son's experiences when he was six. There are two basic thematic pillars on which the story stands: one is the creative process itself and the perseverance required to stick to your projects in spite of setbacks, and the other is promoting acceptance for kids with special needs, through the creation of opportunities where they can shine, specially in terms of social acceptance by their peers. The idea to do a book app came after seeing the first book apps in 2011. I immediately realized iPads were the ideal media to combine stories and games, especially in an open marketplace that didn't close the doors to niche content.            

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