REVERE Awards Profile: Innovations in Classroom Learning

Starting with the 2014-2015 REVERE Awards, innovation in learning resources is recognized within the parameters of the resource’s particular competition and product type. This switch allows the REVERE Awards to differentiate among the progress being made in all different facets of educational publishing. The Beyond the Classroom Innovate finalists were profiled here. Read below for more on the 2014-2015 Classroom Innovation finalists.


Triumph Learning   

Finalist in Supplemental Resources – Innovation

Waggle is a personalized, smart practice solution that engages students in productive struggle to accelerate and deepen their learning in math and ELA. Waggle is powered by Knewton's adaptive learning recommendation engine, which continuously analyzes not only student proficiency but also their active time, which hints they are accessing, how many times they are re-attempting problems, their performance on related concepts and cohort activities. This creates a truly personalized experience for students so that the type of practice items and instruction they receive meet them where they are. Waggle sets itself apart because of the level of personalization it provides to students, the rigor of the practice items which were built from the ground-up and have both hints and customized feedback for students, and then lastly the educator reporting tools that are easy to mine for actionable insights to inform instruction.    



Finalist in Supplemental Resources - Innovation

When the son of OpenEd’s founders, Adam and Lisa Blum, was a freshman in high school, he initially struggled with new Common Core curriculum. However, he found he was able to grasp difficult concepts more easily when they were presented in online videos. [From here] the idea for OpenEd was born. OpenEd provides teachers with access to the best and largest catalog of free educational resources for teaching the Common Core State Standards. Every day, these dedicated teachers are investing time – often outside of the regular school day – to find targeted resources for personalizing instruction, and OpenEd’s mission is to put them at their fingertips. As the only site that drives instruction from its free formative assessment bank, OpenEd’s technology recommends resources to students based on assessment results [particularly when used in conjunction with its free app Common Core Quest]. Supporting the teaching and learning cycle from instruction through assessment, today OpenEd is changing outcomes for millions of student around the country by personalizing learning with the right resources at the right time.

Nepris Industry Connections


Winner in Supplemental Resources - Innovation

The inspiration for Nepris was planted in when I was a child in rural India and then refined when I was a professional in the technology world in the U.S. My parents didn’t go to college, but they knew that a college education was important and made sure their children had access and exposure to technology professionals. As an adult working in Texas Instruments, I naturally gravitated toward school outreach and helping local teachers get connected to the STEM professionals. After years of making these connections happen one person and one classroom at a time, I realized there had to be a better way. My business partner Binu Thayamkery and I started talking with teachers about a tech solution to make connections more meaningful, effective and manageable. With their input we then storyboarded the experience of how an online connection would work. Nepris was the direct result of teachers’ needs to make connections with STEM professionals. Nepris wasn’t created out of the classroom; it was conceived in the classroom to solve a problem teachers grapple with every day.

as told by Sabari Raja, Nepris CEO

Perspectives for a Diverse America

Teaching Tolerance

Winner in Whole Curriculum - Innovation

Perspectives for a Diverse America aims to provide K-12 educators with curriculum materials that provide windows and mirrors for students in their literacy experiences, include civic engagement and social action as part of literacy development, and also meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy.

Determining the path to take when accessing Perspectives is entirely up to each user, and […] the feedback from teachers at our five pilot sites around the country was incredibly helpful in guiding the development decisions for the final user experience. The beauty of online publishing is the ability to make continued improvements to the curriculum as we continue to collect feedback from users. [Using Teaching Tolerance’s] Anti-bias Framework--a set of anti-bias standards--and the central text anthology of diverse texts [makes Perspectives] like no other resource available to students and teachers. Teachers can support social-emotional development and literacy learning simultaneously. Perspectives for a Diverse America marries complexity and relevance, so students gain connections to their literacy experiences.   

Additional Innovation finalists ExploreLearning ReflexPLEx Life Science, and Civil Rights Done Right have already been profiled. A full list of winners and finalists can be found at the Awards Gallery.