REVERE Awards Profile: Scholastic ART Brings Art History to Life

For fifty years the REVERE Awards has set itself apart from other awards programs by recognizing effective and engaging learning resources no matter the subject matter or media. Through our rigorous judging process, which includes educators and industry professionals, instructional tools are vetted against criteria that look at not only the educational value but also creativity and usability. Only the highest quality resources are given the coveted honor. As the deadline for the regular entry period for the 2017 REVERE Awards nears, previous finalists and winners are providing insights into their acclaimed resources.

Scholastic Art from Scholastic

Winner: Golden Lamp - Magazines, Magazines - Best Overall Publication (Grades 7-12)

About the product
Scholastic ART brings art history to life in middle school and high school visual arts classrooms. Featuring art of diverse cultures, time periods, and artistic movements, it helps teachers develop balanced art curriculums. With dynamic digital features, including art history videos, museum tours, and artist interviews, Scholastic ART is a complete print & online art history program.

Insights into the product
It would be easy to answer this question by telling a story about meeting a famous artist (William Wegman’s dog once licked my face!) or getting to go behind the scenes at an important museum. But, truly the most inspiring moments I’ve experienced in my work have occurred in the classroom. When I visit art classrooms and talk with students, I see the excitement in their eyes and their eagerness to learn. Last year I met a junior at a school in Jersey City. She asked me how I decided to pursue a career in the arts. Then she told me that she wants to study visual art in college, but her family wants her to pursue dentistry. These are the struggles creative students face today and I get to see first-hand how teachers help those students find their way. Experiences like this one motivate me to work even harder to make teachers’ jobs a little easier, so that they can focus on supporting their students.

How changes in education have impacted developing products for this subject area
Art education, in particular, has suffered so much in the era of high stakes testing. It is devastating to talk with art teachers who see their students for 45 minutes once a week or once every other week. But I’m hopeful that we’re starting to see the momentum shift in the other direction. The focus on innovation in the STEM disciplines has brought attention to the skills that art teachers have always taught: creativity, visualization, experimentation, and refinement. It is heartening to see art turn STEM into STEAM, but I think we’re also on the verge of a resurgence of art education for its own sake.

What winning a REVERE Award means
I’m thankful for every day that I get to come to work and contribute to Scholastic ART. Every member of our team is talented and committed to producing high quality materials that engage and inspire students. It is a great honor, for all of us, to have been awarded the Golden Lamp Award. I’m thrilled to share this honor with my colleagues and thankful for the recognition for our hard work. 

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