REVERE Awards Profile: Tools that Support Educators

Resources for educators, administrators, and others in the larger education community are an integral part of the education ecosystem. The REVERE Awards honor these products, which provide high quality support and professional development to those working with and around students and learners of all ages, via our Professional Resources category within the REVERE Awards for the Classroom. Several of the 2015 Professional Resources honorees are outlined below.

Field Day Think & Do app

Pivtol LLC      

Finalist in Professional Resources – Instruction and Classroom Practice

Field Day isn't an add-on to project-based learning (PBL)--it is a mobile support system for deep thinking, organization, data collection, and reflection that supports the natural inquiry process. We wanted to create a way to use technology with PBL that was easy to use with a range of existing challenges, supported the deep thinking process at the core of PBL, and let students learn digital skills during the process --not as a separate event. Our brainstorming started as a collaboration between business and education, and as a business we had a lot of learning to do to meet the real-life needs of the diverse educators interested in a PBL app. One of the most exciting times during development was joining a group of international teachers training at the University of Alaska Southeast. We were able to tag along with small teams who tested the prototype of Field Day while exploring the forests and beaches for project-based learning and place-based learning professional development. It was inspirational to see the app in action at that early stage - and we also learned so much about PBL needs in the field that we completely rebuilt the code before releasing a public app!

Active Parenting 4th Edition

Active Parenting Publishers           

Finalist in Professional Resources – School Climate

Active Parenting 4th Edition is a video-based class that is easy to lead without special training, and yet it provides valuable skills that parents can put to use right away [with their children]. Active Parenting 4th Edition is an update of our main parenting education program. The core information hasn't changed (non-violent discipline, open communication, and encouragement), but we've added some topics that have emerged as important, including bullying, early drug prevention, and school success. We were also excited to take advantage of improved technology to make the class easier to lead. The class video, for example, is now embedded within a PowerPoint presentation, and we love the result. We feel confident that Active Parenting is an excellent program, but it's nice to hear that our peers in the publishing world agree!

Lesson Planet & Lesson Planet PD

Lesson Planet           

Finalists in Professional Resources – Instruction and Classroom Practice and Supplemental Resources – Reference and Research

We are teachers at Lesson Planet, so we understand from real, personal experience what it is like to be in the classroom, to try to differentiate instruction for real students in the real world, and to try to put constantly changing educational technology to best use with our students.

In the earliest days of the Internet, Founder Jim Hurley saw immediately that great teaching resources were abundant online. He could tell that finding the right ones was only going to get harder and harder as the volume of resources exploded and, as an educator, he knew what it was like to look for teaching materials on the web. We also wanted to help often tech-shy teachers (We know, we've been in the classroom when the computer crashed too!) learn to use new educational technology in ways that would make sense to teachers!

In the last few years, our teacher review team realized that our members and visitors were more in need of several high quality, standards-aligned resources on any given topic or standard rather than greater numbers of resources of any caliber. We love ensuring that we offer our members reviews and links to only the finest learning resources to use with their students!          

Civil Rights Done Right

Teaching Tolerance 

Winner in Professional Resources – Innovation and Finalist in Professional Resources – Subject Areas

Civil Rights Done Right is the result of a three-year initiative from Teaching Tolerance: Teaching the Movement. Since 2011, Teaching the Movement has been evaluating how well social studies standards in all 50 states support teaching about the modern civil rights movement. Our initial report (2011) showed that few states emphasize the movement or provide classroom support for teaching this history effectively. Civil Rights Done Right was created to support educators with specific strategies to plan to teach the movement by applying the essential areas and the essential practices outlined in the Teaching the Movement 2012 and 2014 reports.

The idea behind the planning tool is to guide classroom teachers in creating lessons that lead to a deeper understanding of the modern civil rights history for students. Civil Rights Done Right guides teachers step-by-step in planning for instruction on the civil rights movement to include events, leaders, groups, history, obstacles, tactics and connections. Being recognized by the REVERE Awards is more than an honor. It not only affirms the work we have done to support teacher planning on teaching the movement; it confirms for educators that the tool has been reviewed by experts in education as a reliable and effective resource.

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The 2016 REVERE Awards is scheduled to open for entry Monday, October 5.