Scoop on BETT 2015

In an occasional series, PreK-12 Learning Group staff will offer their observations from industry events. Jo-Ann McDevitt, Strategic Partnerships Executive, gives her take on the topics buzzing around BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show).

With over 37,000 attendees and 750 exhibitors, BETT is one of the largest edtech conferences. It’s also become one of the most important as members of the learning resources—from the smallest to the largest companies—put into practice the idea of creating a global community. Dominic Savage, a founder of BETT and the Director General of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), emphasized the need for BETT because the best practice for expanding internationally is to partner with other companies that can complement each other’s offerings and help provide a stronger presence in a new market.

More Observations

  • Student and data privacy is a universal concern. It was a main topic at meetings and on the show floor. President Obama’s announcement regarding proposed privacy legislation was of particular interest.
  • The emphasis on STEM in the classroom carried over into BETT. Science curricula and tech products were represented at the exhibits even more than last year.
  • Like last year, there were a big number of start ups with apps. Typical of the start-up arena, the talk on the exhibit floor was that many will not make a second round of funding and won’t be around next year.

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