The Student View on College and Career Readiness

As education officials work to prepare students for life beyond high school, YouthTruth is turning the script and asking students whether or not they feel ready for college and career. According to a recent survey, only 44.8% feel prepared, and more are confident concerning college than they are regarding career.

“While the vast majority of high school students want to go to college, most do not feel prepared to do so,” said YouthTruth Executive Director Jen Vorse Wilka in a press release. “At a time when more high school graduates are enrolling in college and looking for work, we hope that these findings will help schools across the country recognize opportunities to better prepare students for a successful future.” 


  • 59.6% of  students agree that their school has helped them develop the skills/knowledge they will need for college-level classes.
  • 55.5%  of students agree that their school has helped them understand the steps they will need to take in order to apply to college.
  • 45.7%  of students agree that their school has helped them figure out which careers match their interests/abilities.
  • 48.7%  of students agree that their school has helped them understand the steps they will need to take in order to have the career they want.

Read YouthTruth Student Survey College & Career Readiness Data, YouthTruth (July 2015)

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