Students Using Ed Tech Daily in Classrooms Despite Lack of Funding, Teacher Training

Another survey has risen to help policymakers, education officials, and interested parties with insights into how schools are using technology and the barriers to implementation. The State of Education Technology 2015 from Education Dive shows that school districts are still facing many of the same challenges as previously observed – funding, staff training, and resistance to change – but the report also shows that educators think some of the “older technology” is what is making a difference. According to the report, laptops and smartboards are more beneficial to teaching and student learning outcomes than tablets.

Additional highlights

  • Nearly three quarters (71%) said their districts need an office or department dedicated solely to technology in classrooms.
  • Name, age, and gender are the most common pieces of student information provided to ed tech vendors, but 2.3% of respondents also said student social security numbers are supplied.
  • Professional development is one of the greatest ed tech priorities for next year, followed by overcoming teacher resistance and online assessments.
  • Over half (58.7%) of respondents said their district uses ed tech (not including laptops and desktops) in the classroom every day. Sixty percent say they use laptops and desktops daily.

Read The State of Education Technology 2015 from Education Dive.


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