Teachers Want the Reigns with Ed Tech

Knowing what ed tech will help students learn is the domain of teachers, but according to a new survey, more often the purchasing decision is being made by school or district leaders. Conducted by TES Global, in partnership with the Jefferson Education Accelerator, the research shows currently 38% of teachers have a role in the ed tech purchasing process, with 50% of the decisions made by school, district or regional leadership and just 12% made by school-based technology experts. In fact, the survey respondents said that teacher buy-in is not one of the main factors when considering an ed tech purchase.

“Teachers are closest to the needs and behaviors of students, so it’s not surprising they want to have a seat at the table,” says Rob Grimshaw, CEO of TES Global. “Education tech companies, school leadership, and district officials must find more ways to let teachers voice their opinions, so that only the best and most effective technology makes it to the classroom.”

Additional highlights

  • Forty-eight percent of respondents believe that cost is the number one influence on ed tech selection, more so than student outcomes (22 percent) and teacher buy-in (9 percent).
  • The majority (62 percent) would like to make decisions based on a defined set of options.
  • Nearly half of teachers (45 percent) said that their teacher training programs failed to make them feel very or somewhat prepared for evaluating and using technology in the classroom.
  • Most important, sixty percent said that teachers are the best creators of classroom materials, believing that the teachers know best what will improve student outcomes.

Read “Survey Highlights American Teacher Demand for Bigger Role in Ed Tech Decision-Making,” TES Global (December 2015).

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