The Teachers Writing Curriculum Trend

Guest blog post by Kristina James, Director of Marketing, MDR

Teachers today do more than just teach, as we know. According to our latest research, writing curriculum is another way they do more. In fact, teachers spend an average of five hours each week writing curriculum and seven hours searching for, buying, or using existing materials as curriculum sources. The educational community has to recognize the time teachers spend on curriculum writing, administrators should be wary of it also and evaluate if it’s the right allocation of their time, and vendors need to be conscious of the demands on teachers’ time to ensure their programs are relieving teachers of additional work.

MDR infographic Changing Role of Today's TeacherTeachers value personalized learning in their classrooms and it’s likely a main reason they desire to create materials themselves. According to “The RAND Study” report, this trend came about as educators faced challenges with finding instructional materials to address their specific standards. Using internal staff, as a result, was an obvious solution for districts as educators know their student body and local requirements best. While some thought the trend was short-term, seven years in, rather than tiring of curriculum writing, teachers continue going strong. In fact, 66% of teachers surveyed use—at least once weekly—materials they’ve developed.

For publishers, teachers writing curriculum could pose new competition. The more teachers use their own materials, the less they may rely on other curriculum sources. Writing curriculum isn’t easy, you know that better than most, so this should be seen as an opportunity. Creating more materials that can be customized by teachers could be one way to look at it. Technology enables this ability with 55% of teachers surveyed already using digital instructional materials weekly or more often.

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