Understanding Why Your IT Staff Are Rock Stars Too

Fran Toolan, 2015 CEO RoundtableAt educational publishing companies, the tech product developers are usually considered rock stars while the IT staff, who support the every day business tasks, never seem to be good enough. According to Fran Toolan, Founder, CEO, and Chief Igniter for Firebrand Technologies, companies should be celebrating their IT staff as much as their app creators. At the 2015 CEO Roundtable Leadership During Disruption, Toolan focused on how technology can affect internal business processes as much as product development and why even just a 5% improvement in efficiency can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

Key points

  • While the work of the IT staff does not directly touch customers, it does affect every member of your team and their productivity. Their support and investment in the success of your company has a direct bearing on how well other members of the company can perform their jobs.
  • The IT support systems may seem expensive, as well as the people running them, but they are far more cost-effective than if companies had to pay people to perform every task.
  • When hiring IT staff, it’s just as important to make sure they are as aligned with your culture as it is with anyone else you employ. If you hire the people who support your culture and give them an opportunity to show off their talents, they will reward you with increased productivity and dedication. 

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