Why Digital Marketing Clicks with Educators

Guest blog post by Kristina James, Director of Marketing, MDR

MDR has been studying educators and their online habits tell us that they are “Media Mavens” and “Digitally Inclined”. In comparison to the general population, educators are Media Mavens who do more reading and get their news online. They are also more Digitally Inclined than the general population as they love their devices, are tech savvy, and are avid users of social media.

These report findings prompted us to ask follow-up questions, like: is there a best day of the week to send email to educators? Do higher-ed users click on web ads? What's the best social channel for reaching teachers? Here’s some of what we’ve learned:

  • Mobile vs. desktop - Educators make use of desktop and laptop devices for checking email during the workday, then transition back to mobile devices in the off hours. So, when sending an email to educators in the early morning, evening, or on the weekend, the design should be optimized for mobile as well as desktop viewing.
  • Keep it fresh - If you don’t want educators to tune out an ad because they have seen it before (AKA “ad blindness”) use multiple versions of the creative and alternate web ad sizes to make the ad seem new and stand out.
  • Timing is everything - Educators are most actively engaged in social media during the month of July. They are settling into summer vacation and will soon be thinking about back-to-school—giving them the time to browse, like, comment, and pin ideas on social. That means summer isn’t down-time for social marketing to educators, in fact, turn it on!

MDR’s recently released Digital Trends in Education Marketing report has more tidbits like these and answers your burning questions. While we can’t promise this report will answer EVERY question you have (why DO we park on the driveway, and drive on the parkway…?), we can promise you’ll find valuable insights that deliver results to use immediately.

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