Wi-Fi Access Needs to Catch up to Mobile in the Classroom

A new survey from Pearson, conducted on its behalf by Harris Poll, shows a rise in smartphone and mobile device ownership among U.S. students in grades 4-12, but Wi-Fi access in schools is not as prevalent. While 96% of the students surveyed have Wi-Fi at home, only 68% do at school. Furthermore, only 19% of respondents have a 1:1 environment at school. If schools continue to move toward BYOD for digital learning, than schools will need to focus on providing connectivity.

“Schools are responding to students’ enthusiasm for mobile learning by integrating the devices into the classroom,” said Alfred Binford, managing director, Pearson North America, in a press release. “Yet, in many instances, students lack a critical tool to make those mobile devices most effective: Wi-Fi access. To truly realize the power of mobile learning, it is crucial that we support schools as they extend Wi-Fi connectivity to their students.”

Additional Highlights

  • Laptops remain the most commonly used mobile device for school work. Eight in ten students (83%) report using a laptop to do school work during the school year.
  • Most students feel that they know more about tablets and other computers than their teachers. This is true even for elementary school students.
  • Looking to the next school year, most students prefer the large tablet for their school work. Interest in the large smartphone has grown substantially over the past year.

Read Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey 2015, National Report: Students in Grades 4-12, Pearson (2015)


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