A Wish List for Educational Resource Developers

Carmen Farińa, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, spoke to the 2015 PreK-12 Learning Group CEO Roundtable to talk about the needs of urban school districts. In addition to insights into her priorities for her schools and students, Chancellor Farińa gave attendees a wish list of materials she would love to have developed for the classroom. Below are a few items from her list; visit the AAP Programs & Events for upcoming events, including the 2016 Content in Context conference.

  • Dual-language materials – not just translations of existing content, but print and digital materials developed in native languages. Speaking more than one language is necessary for students to become effective global citizens, and NYC is looking for resources to help them expand their educational offerings.
  • Cheat sheets for teachers – teachers are being asked to do much today, and they need quick reference pages included with their teacher’s guide that can help them get smart quickly about upcoming lessons. More specifically, tips on differentiating lessons would be useful.
  • Programs for overachievers – in addition to materials for intervention, NYC is looking for resources to help students who are working beyond grade level. Many city schools are open for extended hours, and Chancellor Farińa would like to give these students opportunities to do independent study that goes beyond the classroom lessons. 


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