Press Release

AAP Thanks Rep. Bob Goodlatte for Commitment to Copyright

Association of American Publishers President and CEO Maria A. Pallante released the following statement regarding House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) decision to retire in December 2018.

"The book, journal, and education publishers of the United States applaud the principled leadership of Representative Bob Goodlatte these past 25 years, including his astute oversight of, and significant contributions to, the Nation’s copyright laws. We thank Mr. Goodlatte for recognizing the complex and critical work of the U.S. Copyright Office in the modern era, and we thank his family and the Sixth district of Virginia for sharing him on so many national and international issues that are important to the publishing industry. Nobody deserves a rest more, but we look forward to working with the Chairman and his colleagues in the 115th Congress during the coming year."