University Dialogue: Madison, Wisconsin

Until recently, the “printed page” had been a primary source of supplementing the classic “lecture” approach to higher education. As the primary providers of instructional materials to universities across America, the members of the Association of American Publishers are leading the revolution in bringing new technologies into the classroom. Often referred to as digital learning technologies, these resources are acting as a useful supplement to, or even replacement for, the printed page. These digital platforms can significantly improve student performance, enhance the effectiveness of faculty and save students money on course materials.

Members of the Higher Education Committee met with University of Wisconsin administrators, state policymakers and other stakeholders in Madison, Wisconsin on November 17, 2014 to discuss how the needs of students and universities can best be served by the member publishers of the AAP. Several opportunities emerged from the dialogue including a "digital day" where publishers could demonstrate digital learning platforms; development of pilot programs to demonstrate that digital learning platforms produce better student outcomes at significantly reduced costs; and an opportunity to work with University of Wisconsin to develop common IT system standards.

Event Agenda | University Dialogue Brochure


  • Jason Vick, Higher Education Policy Advisor to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  • Senator Paul Farrow, Vice Chair, Senate Education Committee
  • Sarah Archibald, Chief of Staff, Senator Luther Olsen, Chair, Senate Education Committee
  • Mike Mikalsen, Chief of Staff, Senator-elect Stephen Nass, Chair of Higher Education Council
  • James C. Villa, Vice President for University Relations, University of Wisconsin System
  • Regina M. Milner, Regent Vice President, University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents
  • Edward Van Gemert, Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian
  • Bruce Maas, Chief Information Officer, Office of Learning and Information Technology, University of Wisconsin
  • Don Nelson, Chief of Staff to CIO Bruce Maas, Office of Learning and Information Technology
  • Jan Chatham, UW Department of Academic Technology, University of Wisconsin
  • Carrie Nelson, UW Department of Academic Technology, University of Wisconsin
  • Pat McGowan, President, University Book Store
  • David E. Anderson, Executive Director for Higher Education, Association of American Publishers
  • Amanda Straub, Special Assistant for Policy, Association of American Publishers
  • Alice O’Connor, Constituency Services, Madison
  • Attorney Ron Kuehn, DeWitt Ross & Stevens, Madison
  • Jesse Gutierrez, McGraw-Hill Education, Chair, AAP Higher Education Committee
  • Jennifer Becker, McGraw-Hill Education
  • Lisa Culhane, John Wiley & Sons, AAP Higher Education Committee
  • Justin Schaefer, District Manager, Cengage Learning