University Dialogue: Sacramento, California

Co-sponsored with State Senator Carol Liu, members of AAP’s Higher Education Committee participated in the California University Dialogue on March 16, 2015 in Sacramento, CA. During the event, members met with policymakers, administrators and faculty to discuss the future of digital vs. classic education and the benefits of developing a digital education strategy. The group also discussed barriers to introducing new technology into the classroom and how digital content companies can help students and faculty use technology more efficiently.

AAP's University Dialogue program aims to increase awareness of the role that publisher materials and technologies play in reducing higher education costs and improving student success. Digital content providers shared their expertise in developing and implementing new learning technologies to create transformative change.

Event Agenda | University Dialogue Brochure


  • Carol Liu, California Senator, Chair, Senate Committee on Education
  • Rob Bates, Partnership Director for Enterprise Sales, Cengage
  • Lori Hales, Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales, Cengage
  • Alan Sachs, Director of Sales, Western Division, Macmillan
  • Jesse Gutierrez, Director, Public and Government Affairs, McGraw Hill Education
  • Amber St. John, Director, Enterprise Solutions, West, McGraw-Hill Education
  • Esperanza Ross, Government Affairs, McGraw Hill Education
  • Paul Boudreaux, Western Sales Manager, Wiley
  • Susan Jackson, West Coast Regional Director, Wolters Kluwer
  • David E. Anderson, Executive Director for Higher Education, Association of American Publishers
  • Amanda Straub, Special Assistant for Policy, Higher Education, Association of American Publishers
  • Andy Martinez, Senior Legislative Advocate, Advocacy and State Relations, California State University (CSU)
  • Gerry Hanley, Senior Director, Academic Technology Services and Executive Director, Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT), CSU
  • Dee E. Andrews, Ph.D., Professor of History, CSU East Bay
  • Kelly Gillis, Apple
  • Marlene Garcia, Apple
  • Suzanne Reed, Chief of Staff, Senator Carol Liu
  • Joyce Roys-Aguilera, Legislative Aide, Senator Carol Liu
  • Lisa Geraty, Office Assistant, Senator Carol Liu
  • Gary Bird, System Software Specialist, Telecommunications and Technology Unit of California Community College (CCC) Chancellor’s Office
  • Patricia James, OEI Executive Director, CCC 
  • Mary Meuel, CCC Chancellor’s Office
  • Ellen Osmundson, Innovative Learning Technology Initiative Project Coordinator, University of California (UC), Office of the President
  • Nadia Leal-Carrillo, Legislative Director, UC State Governmental Relations
  • Arnold Bloom, Professor, UC Davis
  • Dr. Adam Karp, Dean of Fine and Applied Arts, American River College