Webinar: ADA - Architecting & Designing for Accessibility

As any designer or developer of digital resources can tell you, ‘do-overs' can be costly. While agile development strategies make a lot of sense in refining and revising products to better address customer needs, continuity in the selection of robust tools and technologies on which those products are architected is important from the start. Historically, most products have been retrofitted to integrate accessibility features such as read-aloud, magnification, alternative text descriptions, etc. Addressing these issues not only better serves all learners but also complies with product requirements for public schools. New tools and development strategies minimize the investment required to create digital resources that are accessible to all learners.

In this webinar, which is a continuation of the 2016 Ed Tech Forum, the presenters discussed the nature of those tools, examples of how they have been used, and how adopting these technologies and strategies can benefit you and your organization. 

Moderator: Michael Jay, Educational Systemics 


  • Rachel Comerford, Macmillan Learning 
  • JoAnna Hunt, Blackboard 
  • Robin Seaman, Benetech

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