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AAP 2019 PSP Conference is a Mission Critical Success

It was all hands on deck for AAP’s talented team in producing an important Professional and Scholarly Publishing Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington’s West End. The conference, which was held on February 6-8, 2019, focused on high-caliber discussion, subject matter expertise, and thought leadership covering the theme of “Publishing and the Dissemination of Knowledge.”

President and CEO Maria Pallante and Vice-President of Public Policy Matt Barblan shared the planning and emcee duties; they were joined by Executive Vice-President Allan Adler, Vice-President of Global Policy Lui Simpson, and Assistant General Counsel Sofia Castillo, with all five lawyers working together to lead discussions and moderate panels throughout the program. The conference dove-tailed with the opening of the U.S. government, ensuring that the city and airports were fully-functional, and permitting several government officials to join the gathering of distinguished guests. AAP was bolstered by strong support from the Board of Directors, as well as a number of PSP members who contributed a variety of ideas and presentations throughout the planning process and two-day conference. AAP’s communications and administration teams provided invaluable contributions, not only for the conference but for the 2019 PROSE Awards and luncheon.

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  • Chicago Collaborative: Established in 2008 to promote open communication and education among stakeholders in scholarly scientific communication
  • CHORUS: A model for providing public access to published content that reports on grant-funded research
  • Publishing Research Consortium: Promotes evidence-based discussion by supporting research into global issues that have an impact on scholarly communication