PSP Professional, Scholarly & Academic Books: The Basic Boot Camp

Event Overview

This intensive day-long seminar will help you gain perspective on the book publishing process and the changes sweeping the professional and scholarly publishing industry. 

If you have less than three years’ experience with professional, scholarly, and academic book publishing this course will provide an overview of the industry. Or, if you have spent most of your career working in one aspect of PSP publishing and want to learn about other PSP job functions, you should attend. 

The course is structured in a lecture format with a break out group discussion.  You will be asked to answer, in groups, questions that present everyday challenges to the book publishing business.  You will be expected to present your answers to the other attendees and faculty.  

Copyright & Legal Issues, Acquisitions, Marketing, Sales, Production and Finance

Comments from Past Attendees:

  • I think this seminar should be mandatory for anyone new to PSP publishing.
  • I gained a great amount of insight into many different aspects of publishing.
  • Very informative – a thorough, lively and educational introduction to this industry.  Would definitely recommend to fellow entry level people in publishing.
  • I think the session was wonderful because it put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me all at once.  Although it was definitely a lot of information to take in, it gave me a better idea of how each department should and needs to work together.  Everyone was also very friendly and helpful.
  • Great speakers and content!  All very engaging, funny and impressive.  Enjoyed the commentary.
  • This was a great event.  I learned a lot in a short amount of time about all aspects of the industry.  I’m excited to get back to work and put all of this knowledge to good use.
  • This was an amazing overview of publishing.  It was broad enough to touch base on all facets of publishing but detailed enough where I learned A LOT. 
  • This is a great overview for people new to the industry but also as a refresher course for industry veterans.