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Attending an AAP event or participating in a program is your chance to experience all that AAP has to offer. Advance your publishing industry IQ and remain current on all the latest issues.

Programs & Events Archive

Dec 06

2017 Tax Committee Annual Meeting

2017 Tax Committee Annual Meeting

Nov 17

PSP Free Guest Speaker Talk – Andrea Macaluso, Director of Outreach and Partnerships at Nature Research

Goals for book authoring, how they measure success, their perspectives on OA books, and where they see OA books in the future

Nov 14

AI: Effects on Content Discoverability and the User Experience

PSP Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Digital Publishing

Nov 07

PSP Free Doubleheader Event

Free PSP Session on Disruptors in Scholarly Publishing and Networking/Happy Hour Event

Oct 24

PSP Free Guest Speaker Talk – David Lovinger, Editor-in-Chief, Alcohol

The impact of present circumstances and policies in the biomedical research field on research and scientific publishing

Oct 20

PSP Free Guest Speaker Talk – Ann Thornton, Columbia University

A vision for shared collection development and management

Oct 18

Learn, Connect, Grow: Free PSP Session on Women in PSP Publishing

Bring your lunch with you and join us in person, or listen via webinar, to hear about the challenges and the benefits for Women in PSP Publishing.

Oct 17

How AI Can Streamline the Peer Review Process

PSP Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Digital Publishing

Oct 10

AAP 2016 Compensation and Personnel Practices For Independent & University Presses

Each year AAP provides an Annual Compensation & Benefits Practices Report, featuring positions across roles in trade, academic, PreK-12 and Professional Publishing Markets

Sep 25

PSP 2017 Journals Reboot (SOLD OUT)

The purpose of the course is to expose participants to all aspects of journals publishing.