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Attending an AAP event or participating in a program is your chance to experience all that AAP has to offer. Advance your publishing industry IQ and remain current on all the latest issues.

Programs & Events Archive

Nov 16

PSP Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Digital Publishing: Metrics, New Metrics, and Their Significance

The PSP Committee for Digital Innovation (CDI) is introducing another Seminar Series on Selected Topics in Digital Publishing.

Nov 16

2016 Tax Committee Annual Meeting

2016 Tax Committee Annual Meeting

Nov 10

PSP Free Doubleheader Event: Networking and Happy Hour

Don’t miss out on this exclusive free PSP doubleheader event!

Nov 10

Higher Ed & PreK-12: 2016 Election Aftermath

Join this AAP members-only webinar on how the 2016 election will impact education.

Oct 26

The Article of the Future

This session will showcase article enhancement strategies publishers are employing and provide insights into the challenges of development and testing.

Oct 20

Learn, Connect, Grow: Free PSP Session on Networking Through Social Platforms

If you have between 0-3 years’ experience in any department of a professional and scholarly publishing organization this event is for you.

Aug 24

PreK-12: ADA - Architecting & Designing for Accessibility

Get insights and strategies from experts on designing ed tech tools with accessibility in mind.