The Article of the Future

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
12 PM - 3 PM

This session will showcase article enhancement strategies publishers are employing and provide insights into the challenges of development and testing. 

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
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Association of American Publishers 
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How can multimedia and digital technologies be better integrated into articles to enhance presentation of data and results? How can the end-user experience be changed in more meaningful and interactive ways? Do readers want these changes, and are authors willing to contribute, or is the current article format as optimal as it can be? This session will showcase article enhancement strategies publishers are employing and provide insights into the challenges of development and testing. Presenters will discuss author and end-user experiences and whether these enhancements are driving author submissions, author participation, and end-user expectations.  Best practices will be offered for publishers looking to make similar enhancements.

Innovation at Cell Press: Article of the Future and Beyond
In 2010, Cell Press launched the “Article of the Future,” an approach that rethought how the traditional journal article appears online.  This presentation will trace the conception, development, and ultimate impact of the project, including what has been learned from and about users in the years since and how these insights were applied to the development of new initiatives such as Figure360 and a restructured Methods section.
Keith Wollman, VP of Operations, Cell Press

Reproducibility of Research
How will the increasing focus on providing the information required to allow a result to be repeated impact technical articles? What services and tools will publishers need to develop/provide for both authors and end-users to support the publication of data, code, and other forms of supplemental material?
Bernard Rous, Director of Publications, ACM

Giving Readers What They Want: Using data to drive a personalized user experience
The Article of the Future doesn’t exist in a vacuum. To meet end-user expectations, it relies on content and website technology that, combined, provide a meaningful reading experience.  This session will cover how content marketing strategies long in use by other industries can be shaped to the specific requirements of professional and scholarly publishers and demonstrate the importance of precision content targeting, diverse content types, site consumerization, and publishing-specific analytic tools in attracting industry-leading authors, elevating and measuring a journal’s impact, and building brand loyalty.  
Jacob Wilcock, Director of Strategic Sales Consulting, Atypon

Peer Review
What are the models of peer review, both old and new? What is the utility of peer review and how can it be improved? What challenges and weaknesses exist? In what ways are reviewers being rewarded, and how can those programs be implemented? 
Annette Flanagin, Executive Managing Editor and Vice President, Editorial Operations, JAMA and The JAMA Network, American Medical Association

Moderated by:
Dawn Melley, Director, Editorial Services, IEEE Periodicals
Brian Selzer, Publications Editor, American Public Health Association (APHA)

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