Master Class: The Realities of ROI in a World of Edtech and Social Media

Thursday, April 02, 2015
5 PM - 8 PM

Encyclopaedia Britannica

71 Fifth Avenue (between 14th & 15th Streets) New York, NY

Event Overview

In the rapidly changing education world, there are new demands on your company in how you talk to your customers, how you deliver your products, and how you protect your intellectual property. While you want to stay current with the latest marketing and classroom technologies, you also need to pay attention to your organization’s fiscal health and sustainability. In this half-day seminar, you will hear from industry leaders on how to make smart decisions and investments in product development and marketing that will allow you to meet your customers’ needs without compromising your company’s future.

Sounds Interesting

Master Class programs are open to anyone seeking professional development for the learning resource industry. The programs are aimed at managers, developers, financial officers, and marketers—those that are on the front lines of implementing their companies’ strategic plans and are responsible for getting quality products profitably to market. View the agenda, get pricing information and register.