PreK-12: Games on the Brain – How and Why to Add Them to Your Product Portfolio

Monday, July 10, 2017
1 PM - 2 PM


Event Overview

It’s time to stop asking whether or not educational games work and move on to when, why, and how to use them. At this AAP members-only webinar, we’ll get beyond the basics of gaming and discuss: 

  • Where games fit on the content continuum from print books to highly interactive digital materials 
  • Their place in the instructional sequence and why they have more value than a stand-alone treat at the end of a unit 
  • The different pedagogical approaches to gaming 
  • And why games are a great answer for some learning situations, but not for others. 


  • Shelby Marshall, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Product Solutions, FableVision
  • Suzi Wilczynski, CEO, Dig-iT! Games

Sounds Interesting?

This AAP members-only webinar, featuring expert insights from educational game developers, will provide attendees with valuable strategies for improving existing game content and creating new materials. Whether you already consider yourself adept at the gaming market or are thinking about making your first foray, you will come away with how-to advice you can put into action now.

Members can click on the continue link below to register.