PreK-12: Protecting Your IP in the Digital Age

Thursday, May 05, 2016
2 PM - 3 PM


Event Overview

Copyright enforcement in schools has long been rather vague – teachers make unauthorized copies, share resources with fellow teachers, etc. – often with little or no idea whether what they’re doing is permitted, either by law or license. Digital delivery plays an increasing role in the delivery of today’s educational content, while at the same time there is a proliferation of websites that make it easier to share and download lesson plans and classroom resources. Some even help teachers get compensated for their “self-published” curricula, which sometimes contain copyrighted materials. With online enforcement becoming increasingly difficult, how is our industry keeping up? 

Presenter: Lui Simpson, Executive Director, International Copyright Enforcement and Trade Policy for AAP

Sounds Interesting?

Join us at this members-only webinar to get up-to-date information on what AAP is doing to combat digital piracy. Learn about our latest actions, the key areas of concern, and what publishers can do for themselves to seek out copyright violations and protect their IP. 

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