Professional, Scholarly & Academic Books: The Basic Boot Camp

Friday, June 22, 2018
9 AM - 5 PM

If you have less than three years’ experience with professional, scholarly, and academic book publishing this course will provide an overview of the industry

Registration Now Closed Professional, Scholarly & Academic Books: The Basic Boot Camp Friday, June 22nd, 2018 9:00am-5:00pm Macmillan Offices New York, NY WHAT IS IT? This intensive day-long seminar will help you gain perspective on the book publishing process and the changes sweeping the professional and scholarly publishing industry. WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE If you have less than three years’ experience with professional, scholarly, and academic book publishing this course will provide an overview of the industry. Or, if you have spent most of your career working in one aspect of PSP publishing and want to learn about other PSP job functions, you should attend. HOW IS IT STRUCTURED? The course is structured in a lecture format with a break out group discussion. You will be asked to answer, in groups, questions that present everyday challenges to the book publishing business. You will be expected to present your answers to the other attendees and faculty. TOPICS COVERED: Acquisitions, Marketing, Sales, Production, Finance and this year we are including a NEW TOPIC: Copyright & Legal Issues. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN? Copyright & Legal Issues: Puja Telikicherla will present an introduction and overview of common copyright and legal issues in publishing and highlight what professionals need to know regarding copyright, fair use, challenges to established copyright, open-access publishing, piracy, and other issues that equally affect the editorial process and the general public. She will share examples from both scholarly and trade publishing projects and offer students the chance to argue and defend common copyright issues. Acquisitions: Margaret Cummings will teach you the ins and outs of the acquisitions process including how to: understand your customer’s needs, find great projects and authors, evaluate potential projects, effectively manage authors, understand contractual relationships, and successfully manage a publishing list and not just a single publication. In addition, learn how to stay on top of trends/opportunities/advances in our fast-evolving industry. Production: How does book production at a large publisher differ from a smaller more specialized publisher? What are the latest developments in digital book publishing? How does a manuscript become a book? How do we manage costs, schedules, and workflow? Tara Smith will guide you through the production process at a smaller house and Henry Krell will take a look at a larger house.. Marketing: Meredith Howard will talk about the basics of book marketing, covering the decision making progress before a book is signed to the specifics of advertising, exhibits, publicity, social media, and catalogs once it is published. Attendees will gain familiarity with the various aspects of book marketing, the functions of the marketing department at a Press, the role each aspect of marketing plays in promoting an author's work, and the larger process of branding the publisher. Sales: Matt Conmy will talk about the basics of book sales beginning with current market trends, market needs and expectations, preparing for a sales call, buyer expectations, how to collaborate with your in-house colleagues, product types, sales channels, rights/translation sales, and eBooks. He will share real-life anecdotes and some humorous peaks and pits from professional book publishing sales. Finance: How do you read a P&L and other key financial documents? Learn how to understand the key indicators of a successful book. THE 2018 FACULTY Gregory M. Britton, Editorial Director, The Johns Hopkins University Press Matt Conmy, Territory Manager, Northeast Library Market, Rittenhouse Book Distributors Margaret Cummins, Executive Editor, Wiley Meredith Howard, Promotions Director, Columbia University Press Henry Krell, VP, Production, Springer Edward Reiner, Business Manager, ACLS Humanities E-Book Tara Smith, Production Manager, ASME Press Puja Telikicherla, Digital Publishing & Rights Manager, Georgetown University Press REGISTRATION FEES $175.00 AAP Member $225.00 AAP Non-Member Cancellation Policy: Full refund for cancellations on/before June 1st, 2018. NO REFUND FOR CANCELLATIONS AFTER JUNE 1st, 2018. In the unlikely event of seminar cancellation, the AAP/PSP is not responsible for any costs, damages or other expenses of any kind including, without limitation, transportation and/or hotel costs incurred by registrant. Speakers subject to change without notice. Continue