PSP 2018 Pre-Conference

Wednesday, February 07, 2018
9 AM - 2:30 PM

Fake News -- Fake Scholarship: Improving Accuracy and Transparency in Professional and Scholarly Publishing

2018 PSP Pre-Conference
Fake News -- Fake Scholarship: Improving Accuracy and Transparency in Professional and Scholarly Publishing
Sponsored by the PSP Committee for Digital Innovation (CDI)
Wednesday, February 7th
Salon III
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Washington, DC

The problem of "fake news" -- both false information being passed off as genuine and factual news being labeled as false -- isn’t just an issue affecting our current political discourse but has been an increasing issue in professional and scholarly publishing that threatens the credibility of scholarly discourse. As the public casts a more jaundiced eye at the news cycle, that skepticism can spill over to more academic realms. Whether it is denial of climatology and climate change, predatory OA journals muddying the waters, or the replicability of published studies, professional and scholarly publishers face a variety of challenges both externally and internally. 

This seminar will explore topics related to the rise of "fake news" and rise of skepticism of scholarship and the publishing process, outlining the variety of challenges in this area that publishers are facing (or are not facing), and looking at some examples of approaches to mitigating those challenges to restore the integrity of -- and the public's confidence in -- professional and scholarly publishing to their highest level. 

Welcome & Introduction
Carrie Christensen, Publisher; STM Journals, Elsevier
Darrell W. Gunter, Chief Commercial Officer, Gadget Software


Opening Keynote
Laura Helmuth, Health, Science & Environment Editor, The Washington Post


Specialist Speaker
David Rand, Associate Professor of Psychology, Economics, and Management, Yale University

Coffee Break
Foyer Salon II&III

Panel Discussion 1
This panel will address the challenges and changes that PSP publishers are facing in this new environment
Angela Cochran, Associate Publisher and Journals Director, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Kalev Leetaru, Co-creator, Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) 
Sarah Tegen, Vice President, Global Journals Development, Journals Publishing Group, American Chemical Society

(Plaza I)

Panel Discussion 2
This panel will focus on solutions to challenges faced by the PSP industry in this new environment
Christina N. Bennett, Associate Publisher, Ethics and Policy, American Physiological Society
Diana Kapiszewski, Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor, Department of Government, Georgetown University/ Co-Director, Qualitative Data Repository, Georgetown University
Angelina Ward, Director, Digital Communications & Audience Engagement, Elsevier


Closing Keynote
Donald Samulack, President, US Operations, Editage / Cactus Communications


Registration Fees:
$295.00 Member
$425.00 Non Member