PSP Journals Reboot: Problem Solving in an Evolving Journals Landscape

Monday, September 28, 2015
4:30 PM

PSP Journals Reboot

Event Overview

The PSP Journals Reboot is an intensive three-day course on journals publishing offered every two years (on every odd calendar year) by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) division of the Association of American Publishers. The purpose of the course is to expose participants to all aspects of journals publishing.

A Quick Review of the 2015 Course

In late September the Professional and Scholarly publishing Division held a three-day course on journal publishing. Participants from commercial, non-profit, university press publishers, as well as publishing partners, attended the program in Washington, DC. Attendees were primarily junior- to mid-level staff with an interest in broadening their understanding of journal publishing beyond their current job function. 

The course was led by senior staff at various organizations, each of whose expertise in his/her field is well regarded in the industry. Lectures included topics such as acquisitions, sales, marketing, production, open access, finance and the future of journal publishing.  Attendees were asked to answer, in groups, multifaceted questions that presented everyday challenges to the journals publishing business.

A question posed for the editorial section was, ‘Pretend you are a publisher trying to rejuvenate one of your journals that seems has been getting fewer submissions lately.  What are some steps you might take to get this journal back on track?’ For the open access section, ‘What kind of open access is most appropriate for your research community? Green/Gold/Platinum, CC licenses, embargo periods? If the whole world magically flipped to requiring Gold OA, what would your journal need to do to survive?’ was asked.

Demand for the fourteenth biennial PSP Journals Reboot: Problem Solving in an Evolving Journals Landscape (formerly PSP Journals Boot Camp) was so great, that additional spaces needed to be opened. One attendee noted, “This was my first insight into the journal world and one that I was really happy to be a part of.  I can confidently walk away with a wealth of knowledge to apply in my day-to-day workings.  These were great sessions and a big boost to my knowledge base.  Thank you AAP/PSP.”

This course will be held next in September 2017.