PSP Pre-Conference - Brave New World: Building the Digital Publisher of the Future

Wednesday, February 04, 2015
9 AM

Ritz Carlton Hotel
Washington, DC

Event Overview

For professional and scholarly publishing to thrive for the long-haul, not just reactively survive, innovation needs to become part of the fabric of the publishing of the future. Innovation can come from any level of a publishing organization, from new hires to senior management, but it also requires more visionary leadership to recognize innovative ideas wherever they arise.

The seminar will examine what the publishing organization of the future will need in order to meet the challenge of innovation no matter what the business sector--larger journals publishers, small and mid-size scholarly presses, or scholarly societies.

Sounds Interesting?

We have secured a fantastic line up of experts in the PSP field, for the 2015 Pre-Conference, to discuss how to build the digital publisher of the future.

View the agenda.