The Value of Publishing

For centuries publishers have connected people with the books they love, information they trust and materials that help them learn.

We bring to life fiction and non-fiction for all ages; educational material and adaptive learning software for PreK-12 and higher education; and professional and scholarly books and articles. We make these works available in different kinds of formats – including print, audio and digital – to make reading accessible and easy.

What We Do
Our Daily Work

We help craft the first stories you read as a child, the texts you used in school and articles on breakthrough research that change how people view the world. We select compelling manuscripts, edit them, then promote and distribute works that entertain, inspire and educate.

Invest in Authors

We invest in the ideas and careers of our authors and scholars, providing support and protecting their rights, so they can share their unique perspectives with the world.

Make Connections

We are a vital link between creative minds and curious learners. We promote author's works to the widest possible audiences so that the lives of readers will be enriched.

Why We Matter
Our Historic Role

Publishers promote literacy, defend freedom of speech, advance scientific progress, and stimulate the intellectual and cultural discourse that is central to a healthy democratic society.

Public Education

As educational achievement grows in importance, publishers are developing cutting-edge materials, software and curricula to help learners meet 21st century needs.

Quality Assurance

Publishers offer the comfort of assured quality: great books, innovative educational content and trusted scientific and scholarly research.