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Answering your most burning questions about AAP’s professional and scholarly publishing awards program

Answering your most burning questions about AAP’s professional and scholarly publishing awards program

What are the PROSE Awards? Why should I submit?AAP’s PROSE Awards honor the best scholarly works published each year. They recognize publishers who make important academic and cultural contributions by producing extraordinary books, journals, reference works and digital products in dozens of categories.

The coveted PROSE awards bring industry recognition, new readership and enhanced sales.


How do I know if my scholarly work is eligible?

Publishers who are members of the Association of American Publishers or the Association of University Presses are eligible to submit entries.

The basic guidelines for each category of submissions are as follows:

  • Books may be submitted only if they have a 2019 copyright (even if the work was published in late 2018).
  • Journals:
    • Submissions for the “Best New Journal” award must have been launched in 2015 or later and have been published for a minimum of one calendar year
    • Submissions for the “Innovation in Journal Publishing” award must have an innovative approach to the handling or presentation of journal content.
  • Digital/eProducts (including platforms and enhanced e-book formats) must have launched in 2019.

Additional details on eligibility are available in the Call for Entries document.


What Awards are given?

Winners are named in all 40 + subject categories.

Winners in each subject category are eligible for higher levels of distinction, known as the Areas of Excellence, based on the discretion of the PROSE judges.

Winners in the Areas of Excellence, which can include categories for Biological and Life Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Reference Works, and Social Sciences are, in turn, considered for the top PROSE prize, the prestigious R.R. Hawkins Award.


What if I’m not sure what category my submission is best for?

Submit in the category that best aligns with where you might find the book in a library or bookstore. Occasionally, judges may read the entry form and determine it is better suited for a different category. If that happens, the entry will be forwarded to the appropriate judge for review.

How do I submit an entry?

Submitting a PROSE Award entry is easy:

  • Fill out the Entry Form, making sure to include your information, the publishing company or organization’s information, entry information and details and any additional explanatory information or comments.
  • Submit the $90 fee for each entry.
  • Ship your entry to AAP’s office in Washington, DC.
  • Make sure you submit your entry by Friday, November 15, 2019!


Additional details on submitting your entry are available in the Call for Entries document.