COVID-19 Response

What Publishers Are Doing To Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten and disrupt lives, publishers across all sectors are working tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition experience for readers of all ages.

These publishers already offer a robust variety of high-quality books, research journals, and education solutions through an equally robust variety of print, digital, and audiobook business models. Nevertheless, as the situation around COVID-19 continues to press demand, many leaders are doing more to assist avid book readers, teachers, students, researchers and medical professionals to obtain literature and resources, including as to the novel coronavirus itself.

Publishers are committed to helping booksellers (see here).  If you’re reading this, we encourage you to visit the American Booksellers Association website (see here) to find your local bookstores, many of which are offering home delivery and curbside pick-up.

Below is a partial list of industry actions, which we will continue to update for the public.

AAP members should contact John McKay at to share day-to-day developments.


Education Publishing

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press’ COVID-19 response page

Academic Publishing

Our Academic publishing group is making higher education textbooks in HTML format free to access online during the coronavirus outbreak to support universities and their students. More than 700 textbooks, published and currently available on Cambridge Core – our online home for academic books and journals – are available online to students through their university library regardless of whether they were previously purchased. Students in the United States will also be able to access free e-book versions of Press textbooks through VitalSource. In addition, existing Cambridge Core customers can request free access to a collection of reference works for libraries during the same period, including all of the Cambridge Histories, Companions and Elements. We are also providing free access to a growing collection of research related to the coronavirus, with relevant journal articles and book chapters until the end of May.

English Language Teaching

We have launched a campaign – Supporting Every Teacher – and in partnership with colleagues at Cambridge Assessment English, we are producing large amounts of free, online content for teachers and learners. Hosted on our World of Better Learning blog, this supports teachers whose schools have been closed with daily text, audio and video content focussed on different aspects of online teaching. We have also compiled available online content into free-to-use bundles for different user groups in support of online courses, and produced guides on how to use printed materials in a virtual classroom setting.  Our Cambridge Exam Boosters series has also been digitised and made freely available. Support is also available from colleagues who are in touch with schools to provide help and guidance on moving to or using online and blended print and digital products. 

Education Publishing

We are working to support teachers, students and parents around the world, with almost all of our digital material free to schools for the next three months. Our teams are on hand to discuss individual needs, providing any help and guidance that may be needed in moving to or using online and blended print and digital products. Our Brighter Thinking blog has tips and advice from teachers who have been affected and guidance for those facing or experiencing school closures. Again, this support is being made as accessible as possible and we welcome feedback in these extraordinary circumstances to help further improve our offering.

Macmillan Learning

Macmillan Learning’s COVID-19 response page

College instructors who have adopted print titles receive FREE access to Macmillan Learning’s online platforms (LaunchPad, Sapling, FlipIt) to get them through the rest of the term.

College instructors have access to a series of trainings on using and implementing online tools led by Macmillan Learning specialists and faculty partners.

Macmillan Learning has made access available to iClicker Reef, their student mobile app, at no cost for the rest of the academic term. Reef can be used via smartphone, tablet, or laptop and it gives instructors the ability to administer polls, quizzes, and track attendance just as they would in regular class sessions.

For AP High School instructors, Macmillan Learning is offering free access to digital ebooks (online and offline) to cover the likely duration of school closure. 

For AP High School adopters of online learning platforms (LaunchPad or SaplingPlus), Macmillan will provide immediate training and support to enable teachers to quickly set up courses, create assignments, etc. with our customer experience team. 

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group (MCPG) has created a database of activities, educator guides, discussion guides, and other downloadable resources to make them easily accessible and shareable for booksellers, educators, librarians, and parents. This database can be found here. There are also numerous resources available for download on the MCPG School & Library website.  

Remote Learning Permissions During Pandemic: With many schools around the country closed, and more closing daily, Macmillan wants to support teachers, librarians and parents as they work to keep their students and children engaged with reading and learning via virtual classrooms and other forms of remote learning. During this emergency and when schools are closed (through December 31, 2020), MCPG has no objection to: (1) teachers and librarians live streaming or posting videos reading MCPG children’s books to their students, provided it is done on a noncommercial basis and (2) authors live streaming or posting videos reading their children’s books, provided it is done on a noncommercial basis.  

McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill’s COVID-19 response page

McGraw Hill is providing providing free training and support for our McGraw Hill Connect and ALEKS digital learning platforms and has helped thousands of instructors and students in recent weeks who need to move to an online format.

McGraw Hill recognizes that transitioning to remote learning situations for K-12 schools can be complicated as well. Remote learning support for K-12 schools, educators, and parents can be found here. Product walkthroughs, free resources, and videos are available here:

McGraw Hill Professional customers who need support transitioning to digital platforms can get assistance through these links to access medical, engineering, and science solutions.

McGraw Hill provides support outside of the U.S., where many teams in affected countries have been working hard to support schools and colleges for weeks.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press’ COVID-19 response page  

Epigeum, part of Oxford University Press, has made its courses on Teaching Online and Blended Learning freely available until the end of May in order to help those tackling distance learning for the first time. For more information, please visit here.


Pearson’s COVID-19 response page

Pearson Uses Global Reach to Provide Learning Tools, Expertise for those Affected by Pandemic

For US K-12 Parents, Teachers and Schools:

Providing free online courseware, teaching platform and training for 100,000 students, for state-level partners of Connections Academy

Sharing online learning expertise from Connections Academy through live webinars and digital learning to help K-12 parents and teachers make the most of online learning at home. This includes an email “hotline” staffed by expert Connections educators who can offer fast advice for teachers in need of instructional support.

Due to an increased enrollment demand, Connections Academy, the full-time online schools supported by Pearson, has reopened enrollment in many schools for the ’19-’20 academic year. All schools are accepting students for the ’20-’21 school year.

For US, UK and Canada Higher Education Students and Educators:

Accelerating the launch of the new Pearson Advance program, which offers a catalog of short, online courses from leading experts and universities. Students needing to upskill and reskill quickly can earn credentials and “micro” Masters degrees, from many of the world’s most renowned institutions in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Providing access to Pearson’s e-book library for the rest of the term at no additional cost for higher ed students in the US, UK and Canada who are already using Pearson courseware.

Providing free access to the Aida Calculus app until June.

Providing free on-demand webinars, office hours with Pearson digital learning experts and tip sheets for higher education faculty who need help transitioning to online courses.

Providing course discounts for Pearson’s Unbound, which offers pathways to high quality degree programs at lower costs. Unbound offers advice and academic guidance to help students match their existing learning to credits that enable transfer to their target school and provides online courses with transfer credit at affordable prices.

For Adult Professionals:

Even with the required closing of many Pearson VUE testing centers, we are evaluating local regulations around re-opening sites to address testing services for critical workers, such as health care personnel. 

Princeton University Press

Princeton University Press’ COVID-19 response page

Responding to the increased need for digital content and growing remote learning arrangements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Princeton University Press is partnering with ebook providers to make PUP content from 2018 and earlier available to global institutional libraries through August 31. The exact models will vary by partner but will include temporary free upgrades from single user access to multi-user access, and temporary free ebook access of PUP’s backlist. PUP is proud to be just one of more than fifty presses in the scholarly publishing community taking part in this initiative.

There are several options for accessing texts through the remainder of the spring term:

Free upgrades and discounted pricing for UU access ebook models.

Please keep an eye for upcoming offers from JSTOR.

Students will be offered a ‘rental’ option at no cost which will run until the end of this academic year. Instructors, please contact To set up as an instructor in Perusall—here’s a quick guide to getting started.

Project MUSE
Digital content is being made available free of charge.

Unlimited access to Ebook Central holdings for all patrons—at no extra charge.

Access to up to seven free ebooks from participating publishers.

Students and instructors at impacted two and four-year non-profit institutions in the United States can access an expansive catalog of etexts through May 25, 2020, at no charge. Log into the VitalSource Bookshelf app using your school email address. You can then find and view course materials in VitalSource’s Explore capabilities within Bookshelf.

SAGE Publishing

SAGE’s COVID-19 response information

SAGE Publishing firmly believes that the efforts of the teaching and research community will be critical to addressing the challenges related to COVID-19. To support the essential work of instructors, librarians, and researchers at this time, the company has taken the following actions:  

For instructors: offering free access to eTextbooks, courseware, and a range of articles and resources on online teaching. View the full list of resources:  

US Teaching Resources 

UK Teaching Resources 

All other regions  

For librarians: offering complimentary, 90-day access to librarians interested in providing SAGE Video, SAGE Research Methods Video, and SAGE Knowledge Books & Reference to their faculty and students. To sign up and for user guides, manuals, and tips for remote access to SAGE resources, visit their page on remote learning solutions.  

SAGE has also created a hub for researchers and instructors with social and behavioral science insights and tips about dealing with the virus and its consequences.  

For the research community:  

Removing  the subscription gateway to articles related to COVID-19 and its impact . 

Creating a microsite that highlights freely available research from the social, behavioral, and medical sciences related to the virus and more broadly on managing pandemics.  

Fast tracking new research submitted to their journals related to the current situation and publishing it open access while waiving APCs.


Scholastic’s Learn-At-Home COVID-19 response page

Scholastic has a wide range of digital resources to support children’s continuous learning, whether at home or at school. This includes the “Learn at Home” subscription service full of educational online activities for kids ages 4-10, and a variety of digital learning programs designed for use by teachers for in-person or remote instruction.  

Teacher Created Materials

Teacher Created Materials’ COVID-19 response page

Teacher Created Materials (TCM) offers free teacher-approved resources for at-home learning. The materials are designed to help students solidify the concepts they learn in school, and equip them for learning at home.

W. W. Norton

W. W. Norton’s COVID-19 response page

For college instructors in the United States:

W. W. Norton is offering its adopters free access to ebooks through RedShelf and VitalSource and free access to its widely-used online courseware, InQuizitive and Smartwork, for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester and Winter 2020 quarter. A local Norton representative can coordinate assistance.

W.W. Norton is proud to offer training and support to instructors who need help setting up InQuizitive and Smartwork in their courses with the help of its Customer Experience Specialist team. They are experts in online course design, can advise on how best to integrate resources into a course, and will provide assistance setting it up. A local Norton representative can connect instructors with a Customer Experience Specialist.

W.W. Norton is also offering online teaching workshops from fellow instructors, authors, and Norton team members to support instructors and their course needs at this time. For workshops that have already occurred, recorded workshops can be requested through the workshop page. A contact email is provided for recorded workshop requests and will be responded to quickly.

For high school instructors in the United States:

W. W. Norton is offering its adopters free access to ebooks and free access to its widely-used online courseware, InQuizitive and Smartwork, for the remainder of the current school year. A local Norton representative can coordinate assistance. W.W. Norton is also happy to provide online teaching workshops from fellow instructors, authors, and Norton team members to support instructors’ course needs at this time.

Norton’s publishing philosophy includes a commitment to providing service to its community of instructors, students, and institutional leaders. Norton is grateful to be in a position to help during this time.


Wiley’s COVID-19 response page

Wiley is aiming to ensure instructors who need to teach remotely have the necessary tools to help their students.

Instructors without an adopted online learning solution, such as WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta or zyBooks, can receive free access for their students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term.

To make the transition to online learning as easy as possible, Wiley is providing free resources and webinars for all instructors.

Wiley is also partnering with organizations, like VitalSource, RedShelf, Barnes & Noble, Follet, BibliU, and Kortext, to offer most academic eTextbooks free to students whose classes have moved online.

Wiley is also partnering with global library vendors ProQuest, Ebsco, and Askews to allow unrestricted user access to Wiley content.

Wiley Education Services is offering expanded partner support, which includes providing additional technology licenses and assistance with course production and associated LMS support, as well as virtual office hours to support educators who must rapidly transition to virtual instruction.

Advancement Courses is providing a free micro-course (Launching Online Learning) for K-12 educators to quickly ramp-up online learning in their environment.

Wiley Efficient Learning is offering free CPA, CMA, and CFA course access to new instructors and students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term.

Wiley has made relevant research articles, book chapters and entries in their major references freely available in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research for COVID-19 and similar viral respiratory infections (see here).

Education Publisher Partners:


For students with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers, Benetech’s Bookshare initiative is a free online library that provides access to over 800,000 ebooks in easy-to-read formats. Students can read books in audio, follow text with karaoke-style highlighting, read in braille or large font, and customize their reading experience to suit their individual learning style. Teachers can create free school accounts and easily assign books to students to read their own. Parents can also sign up students for free (students 18 and over can sign up themselves) to access Bookshare at home independently.

The Bookshare Learning At Home guide has resources for teachers and parents to support their students, and get them the books they need.

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

Copyright Clearance Center’s COVID-19 resource page


RedShelf’s COVID-19 response page

Under the label of ‘RedShelf Responds’, education technology company RedShelf is collaborating with its publishing partners to offer free access to eBooks for the remainder of the semester for currently enrolled students impacted by recent campus closings. Semester-calendar schools of authorized programs will be allowed free access to eBooks through May 25, 2020.

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), in partnership with The White House, launched Tech for Learners. This new web-based, searchable database offers a variety of education technology solutions to support online learning and remote school administration. Tech for Learners is designed to assist schools, administrators, and public officials who are scaling up online learning in the wake of facility-closings and other measures taken due to outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Tech for Learners also highlights companies who are making their products discounted or free to use during this time, as well as links to partner organizations who are leading the way to meet the needs of schools, districts, states, universities, and the workforce.


VitalSource’s COVID-19 response page

To assist students at disrupted semester-calendar schools who are losing access to course materials due to COVID-19 campus closures, educational technology solutions provider VitalSource has partnered with leading publishers to offer free access to ebooks to students whose classes have moved online through May 25, 2020. Students will be able to access the expansive catalog of eBooks from participating publishers through the VitalSource Bookshelf app effective immediately.


Trade/Consumer Publishing


Support for Classroom Read-Aloud Videos and Read-Aloud Live Events

During these challenging times, Bloomsbury wishes to support parents, teachers and children while schools and public libraries are closed as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bloomsbury is therefore permitting teachers, authors, librarians and booksellers to create and share story time, read-aloud videos and live events temporarily, according to the below guidelines. 


These permissions are granted only in respect of teachers and educators providing distance learning to students in a virtual classroom setting, and to authors, booksellers and librarians who wish to provide a live reading aloud experience to young people who would normally visit a library or bookshop in person.

Permission is granted only for free use of the readings, and you may not charge in respect of any of the activities mentioned below without formal agreement from Bloomsbury.

Bloomsbury grants the permissions set out below until the end of the current 2019/2020 school year.

In every case where a Bloomsbury book is read out-loud we request that the title of the book and the name of the author and/or illustrator are announced at the beginning of each read aloud video or live event. 

For Teachers and Educators – Story Time or Read Aloud Videos:

Story time or classroom read-aloud videos in which a Bloomsbury book is read aloud (and, in the case of picture books, displayed) may be created and posted solely to closed educational platforms or to another closed network or platform where access is restricted to pupils of the teacher or educator.

If a teacher or educator plans to share a story time video by recording a video, uploading it to a YouTube channel, and posting a link to that YouTube video inside a closed educational platform, that YouTube video must be designated as “Unlisted” (not “Public”) when uploading.  

These story time and classroom read-aloud videos may be hosted on the educational or other closed platform and/or or YouTube (as an “Unlisted” file – see above) until the end of the current school year, after which they must be deleted from the relevant platform unless this permission is extended by formal agreement with Bloomsbury.

For Bookshops, Public Libraries and Bloomsbury Authors – Live Streaming:

Live events in which a Bloomsbury book is read out loud (and, in the case of picture books, displayed) may be streamed live, in real time, on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram. Because these platforms automatically archive live events, when your event has finished, please immediately delete the link associated with the event and the recording of the event from your account.  

REQUIRED NOTIFICATIONS: Bloomsbury requests that all educators, authors, librarians and booksellers notify us via email to when you post or stream a story time or read-aloud video or live event and provide the following information:

Type of Institution: school, library or bookshop

Name and address of the school, library or bookshop

Title, author and ISBN of the book that is read

Contact information and title (e.g. Year 4 teacher, bookseller) for the individual responsible for the reading

The educational or social media platform on which the video or live event is posted or held 

A link to that video or live event


In any instance of use, please cite that the content is being shared with permission of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

These guidelines apply solely to works published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Where possible, please include or mention a link for a retailer where the book can be purchased.

Do check social channels of the author/illustrator you are reading as they may have posted extra content that you can use.

If you have any questions relating to the above permissions, please email

For Harry Potter titles please contact The BlairPartnership

Hachette Book Group

Content programming across all imprints:


Find up-to-date virtual event schedules and sign up for our weekly author events newsletter here.


The Current is a weekly video series featuring interviews with authors discussing the top issues of the moment with host VP, Publisher of PublicAffairs, Clive Priddle.

Recent episodes have featured Keion Henderson (The Shift) discussing Texas and the coronavirus, Rick Steves (For the Love of Europe) discussing the value of travel as a political act, and Mike Duncan (The Storm Before the Storm) discussing great political revolutions in history.

New episodes are released on Friday’s on the @HachetteUS Facebook Page and you can browse our past episodes here.


Get to know the creators behind the books we love in our Open Book newsletter. Each month, we interview a new author or illustrator and put a spotlight on their history, writing process, and body of work. Our inaugural newsletter featured Souvankham Thammavongsa, author of How to Pronounce Knife. You can sign up for the Open Book newsletter here.


Discover books for readers of all ages in our monthly Family Reads email. Past newsletters have focused on subjects such as friendship from a distance, celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride, dealing with anxiety, antiracism, and learning from home. You can sign up for the Family Reads newsletter here.


Select Fridays

Little, Brown Live (at Home)! is a live broadcast featuring members of the Little, Brown team as well as authors and special guests from across Hachette. The broadcast is hosted as a ‘casual conversation’ using Crowdcast, encouraging audience participation. Topics covered include: cooking, cocktails, reading recommendations, current events, wellness and anti-racist reading lists (including recommendations from colleagues across all imprints/divisions).

Platforms: Hosted and Crowdcast on Little, Brown’s Facebook pages.


This Self-Quarantine Survival Kit from the inspirational publishing imprints at Hachette Nashville (FaithWords, Worthy Books, Ellie Claire, WorthyKids) offers free downloadable content for readers of all ages. Readers can find everything from selected book excerpts offering spiritual encouragement to keto recipes, from journaling pages and devotionals to kids activity pages—there’s something for everyone.

Center Street Sampler Kit: 

Center Street created a “Sampler Kit” that offers our readers chapter excerpts of our New York Times bestsellers. We have shared across Center Street’s social platforms and have asked authors to share (see here).

Follow WorthyKids on Instagram and Facebook to see story time readings from Hachette Nashville’s popular and best-selling children’s book authors.

Follow Ellie Claire Gifts on Instagram and Facebook to catch Hachette Nashville authors presenting short inspirational devotional readings.

Follow FaithWords on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspirational shareables and encouraging content.

Specific to kids, parents, educators:


Book Sharing Permission Statement: []

Permission for educators, librarians, and booksellers, to read LBYR books aloud through a closed group or platform.

Activities for Kids:

Repository of downloadable storytime kits and activities, storytime read-aloud videos, and book club guides for parents, teachers, and librarians.


A weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) happening on the @thenovl Instagram.


Learn to draw children’s book characters with a new illustrator every week sharing a how-to-draw tutorial through @LittleBrownYR social media.

EVERY FRIDAY 6:00 PM ET: Dinner and a Movie (and a Book!) 

Join LBYR for dinner and a movie (and a book!) every Friday evening with live tweets of movies through @TheNovl for YA and @LittleBrownYR for children.


A special edition of the “NOVL Tea” YA talk show hosted through @thenovl Instagram.

HarperCollins Publishers

HarperCollins Children’s Books Launches Harper at Home

During this unprecedented time, while children and parents are at home and we’re all practicing social distancing, HarperCollins brings books and authors to kids of all ages through Harper at Home online initiatives.

Harper Kids: Join the HarperKids team on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12PM (EDT) for story times and read-alouds, activities, fun content, and pure entertainment! Follow HarperKids on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube Kids.

Shelf Stuff: Shelf Stuff is here to help with the Shelf Stuff at Home video series, perfect for kids ages 7-12. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm, Shelf Stuff shares fun and engaging content via their YouTube Kids channel starring favorite authors and members of Team Shelf Stuff! Follow Shelf Stuff on Instagram and YouTube Kids.

Epic Reads: While we practice social distancing IRL, the Epic Reads team is  live with all types of book recs, chats, games, and more. Tune in every Wednesday on Twitter and every Friday on Instagram at 4pm EDT for tons of virtual Epic Reads content Follow Epic Reads on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

Harper Stacks: Library programming and classroom learning are going to look very different for the near future. Every Monday at 3pm EDT, HarperStacks post videos and other resources for teachers, librarians, and parents to keep kids learning while keeping it fun! Follow HarperStacks on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember Reading?: Tune into Remember Reading, a family podcast about classic children’s books and the impact they have on us long into adulthood. Each episode features one popular children’s book from the past, uncovering the unique story behind the story. While sitting down with famous, award-winning authors, Remember Reading? investigates the timeless themes in kids’ books. Subscribe and start listening on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or SoundCloud.

HarperCollins Children’s Books Outlines Online Reading Policy

HarperCollins Children’s Books has extended permission to authors, educators and librarians to read HarperCollins Children’s Books titles online, on video, through the end of the school year. This is to support schools and public libraries forced to close by the escalating COVID-19 outbreak.

Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House Open License Online Story Time and Classroom Read-Aloud Videos and Live Events for Educators, Booksellers & Librarians

Penguin Random House has enabled virtual learning environments and livestreamed story times for their authors and readers, as well as for educators, librarians, and booksellers to support schools and public libraries forced to close by the escalating COVID-19 outbreak.

Brightly Launches “Reading Through It Together,” Penguin Kids Debuts LIVE Story Time

Brightly, a Penguin Random House website dedicated to helping parents and educators find books and reading tips for every age and stage of a child’s life, has launched a new portal, Reading Through It Together, as Penguin Kids debuts LIVE Story Time Read Aloud, hosted online across Penguin Kids’ Instagram and Facebook pages. With so many young readers home from school and more parents available for extra family time during the Coronavirus outbreak, the Reading Through It Together portal collects educational content, fun activities, videos (where applicable) and teaching guides, curated by age and stage, for Brightly audiences to provide help as consumers transition into distance learning.

PRH Audio App Volumes Now Hosting Free Downloads of Various Audiobook Titles

Penguin Random House Audio is now hosting free downloads of a selection of its audiobook titles via Volumes, an app for iOS and Android developed by PRH Audio.  Additionally, PRH Audio is offering a “Listen at Home” collection targeted to families with kids home from school featuring three classic titles, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, narrated by Brooke Shields with Paul Rudd; Grimm’s Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm, narrated by a full cast; and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, narrated by John Lee. The “Listen at Home” collection will remain live through at least the end of April.

Penguin Random House Partners with Parents Magazine to Launch READ TOGETHER, BE TOGETHER, Donates 750K Books to First Book

The U.S. children’s divisions of Penguin Random House, Penguin Young Readers and Random House Children’s Books, in partnership with Meredith Corporation’s PARENTS, are launching READ TOGETHER, BE TOGETHER (#ReadTogetherBeTogether), a nationwide movement that celebrates the importance and power of reading with young children. Originally slated to launch in summer 2020 with nationwide retail, educator, and consumer activations, the program will now begin this week, in light of the current COVID-19 situation, with a series of daily virtual storytimes with bestselling and award-winning authors and illustrators, and celebrity readers. The dedicated website will also host reading tips for parents and caregivers developed with PARENTS, as well as an extensive list of recommended age-appropriate books. As part of READ TOGETHER, BE TOGETHER, Penguin Random House is also donating 750,000 books to First Book, a nonprofit that provides new books and educational resources to children in need, many of whom lack access to technology and are especially at risk during this unprecedented time in which schools and childcare facilities across the country have closed in response to COVID-19.

Launch of “Books Connect Us LIVE” Page on

The Penguin Random House Consumer Marketing team has launched Books Connect Us LIVE. The team is using the PRH channels to promote the author-reader connection during this time of social distancing by aggregating and amplifying the virtual experiences being set up by marketers and publicists across the company. The Books Connect Us Live page on will be updated weekly. The Consumer Marketing team is working with divisional contacts to source the event information.  Any questions about how to get an event included, please contact Amy Brinker. 

Scholastic Inc.

Scholastic News: Jennifer Garner & Amy Adams Launch #SAVEWITHSTORIES To Help Kids Learn, Get Nutritious Meals During Coronavirus School Closures

Scholastic has partnered with Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams, Save the Children, and No Kid Hungry to launch #SAVEWITHSTORIES (Instagram account here). This social media initiative will feature the actors (and celebrity friends) sharing their favorite books and stories on Instagram and Facebook – and asking their friends to do the same – to drive donations to Save the Children and No Kid Hungry’s coronavirus response. This initiative will support the needs of kids who won’t have access to meals because of widespread school closures.

Scholastic Creates Free, Open-Access Digital Hub to Help Keep Students Learning While Schools Are Disrupted By Coronavirus

Scholastic has a wide range of digital resources to support children’s continuous learning, whether at home or at school. This includes the “Learn at Home” subscription service full of educational online activities for kids ages 4-10, and a variety of digital learning programs designed for use by teachers for in-person or remote instruction.  

Simon & Schuster

S&S’ The Book Pantry website offering reading group and teaching guides, author studies and more

Simon & Schuster (S&S) is providing resources and support as booksellers and educators navigate distance learning and bookselling in the weeks ahead.

Online Book Read Aloud Guidelines: In addition, S&S permits educators, librarians, and booksellers to livestream and post readings of Simon & Schuster children’s books online for students and customers, subject to specific terms of agreement.

Simon & Schuster and Partner in Campaign to Support Independent Bookstores

Continuing its proud history of supporting independent booksellers, Simon & Schuster is joining forces with, an online bookstore and affiliate network with a mission to support independent booksellers, to raise awareness and facilitate online selling for local independent bookstores during the Coronavirus crisis. Small businesses, including book shops, have been particularly hard hit and enables consumers to safely purchase books online, while still supporting their local neighborhood book stores.   

Starting today, buy buttons have been added to all Simon & Schuster websites, and the company is encouraging its authors to add the links to their own websites and social media posts. 

In addition, Simon & Schuster will use its many consumer-facing platforms to celebrate and promote the independent bookselling community and encourage shopping at, including email marketing, social media, websites, blogs, and reading community sponsorships such as LitHub. 

In the coming weeks, many other Simon & Schuster authors will join the campaign including Mary H.K. Choi, Cassandra Clare, Jenny Han, Adam Higginbotham, Christina Lauren, Lisa Jewell, Shannon Messenger, Susan Orlean, Lisa See, Rebecca Serle, Neal Shusterman and J.R. Ward.  These writers, and many more, will pledge and share their support of the independent booksellers with their millions of readers, encouraging them to use #readlocal and #supportindies on their own social posts and to shop   

Simon Kids

Simon Kids has launched new social media programs for parents and kids who are navigating at-home learning:

Read & Learn with Simon Kids on YouTube 

In partnership with Studio 4 and its amazing authors and illustrators, Simon Kids has launched a new video series on the Simon Kids YouTube channelRead & Learn with Simon Kids on YouTube will feature read-alouds, drawing tutorials and activities from authors and illustrators like Aaron Reynolds, Tony DiTerlizziLita Judge, Katharine Holabird, Jamie Sumner, and more.

New Read & Learn videos are posted Monday – Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern!

Snack & Read LIVE with Simon Kids on Facebook 

Every week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. PST, parents and kids can sit down with a snack and tune in to the Simon Kids Facebook to watch a featured author or illustrator read aloud from their book and do a simple, fun at-home activity. 

Read & Learn with Simon Kids Resources Landing Page 

Simon Kids has pulled together its available learning resources into a landing page under the branding Read & Learn with Simon KidsThis page is a one-stop shop for all of its great resources for parents and educators as they navigate distance learning at home.

Learning at Home Resources Newsletter for Parents 

Simon Kids has pulled together all of its available learning resources, including those created by Ed/Library marketing for educators, into an eblast for parents who are now navigating learning at home with their children. This eblast was sent to all Simon & Schuster newsletter subscribers on Friday, March 27.

Trade Publisher Partners:


Commaful Writing Advice

The storytelling, fanfiction, and poetry site has launched a writing advice video series for budding writers, teachers and parents that offers short 10 minute tutorial videos tackling topics like writer’s block, publishing, writing strategies, storytelling, and more. Over a dozen videos are already live with more coming.

Independent Publishers Group (IPG)

IPG’s COVID-19 resource information

Effective immediately, IPG will be offering a 30% discount site-wide for most of their products.

IPG is extending a 30% e-book discount to public and school libraries through OverDrive, 3M Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Mackin, Follett, Vitalsource and Redshelf.

IPG’s publishing partners are supporting consumers, parents and students with virtual author events and digital resources.

All of IPG’s catalogs, including front-list and special categories, will be available as digital editions and can be found at or on Edelweiss.  

To accommodate publishers whose print runs may have been disrupted, IPG is optimizing their digital print program and manufacturing books to order.

Westchester Publishing Services

Westchester Publishing Services’ COVID-19 resource information


Scientific, Medical, & Scholarly Publishing

In this urgent and serious environment, many scholarly publishers, journals, and societies have been proactively making their copyrighted articles pertaining to the virus freely available for public use via their own repositories and/or other public sources since the beginning of the crisis, and often in both text and machine-readable formats.  

American Chemical Society (ACS)

ACS’ COVID-19 resource information

As a leading scientific society and publisher of scientific research and information, ACS is committed to helping combat the global COVID-19 pandemic. Browse ACS’s resources and initiatives below and share them with colleagues, friends and family.

Understanding COVID-19

Everything We Know About the COVID-19 Coronavirus
A collection of articles on coronavirus from Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), ACS’ weekly newsmagazine

Can Soap REALLY “Kill” the Coronavirus?
A special ACS Reactions video explaining how soap and water can be the leading weapon in killing the coronavirus

Scientific Research on COVID-19

Research and Development on Therapeutic Agents and Vaccines for COVID-19 and Related Human Coronavirus Diseases 
A special report produced by CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, that provides an overview of published COVID-19 scientific information, highlighting antiviral strategies involved in coronavirus infection and replication. Available in the Society’s open access journal, ACS Central Science.

Chemistry in Coronavirus Research
Coronavirus research published across the more than 60 peer reviewed ACS journals. Preprint coronavirus research is also available on ChemRxiv.

PubMed & WHO
ACS joined other publishers in making all COVID-19 related research published in ACS journals freely and immediately available in the National Institutes of Health PubMed and World Health Organization (WHO) databases.

Custom Designed Solutions for Scientific Researchers:
CAS is reaching out to offer its considerable expertise to organizations investing their efforts toward vaccine and therapeutic research as they evaluate the means to combat COVID-19. This assistance, offered at no charge, might involve helping researchers get needed answers or analyses quickly, providing access to CAS solutions, satisfying requests for custom-curated data sets relevant to a target of interest, or collaborating with our CAS scientists on a challenging formulations problem, among others. You can contact CAS at CAS Customer Center.

Transitioning to Teaching and Learning Remotely

Statement on the Use of Virtual Instruction (CPT)
Concerns about maintaining ACS Approval and certifying graduates are addressed in this statement from the ACS Committee on Professional Training.

Tips for teaching in the time of coronavirus (C&EN)
Veterans of teaching chemistry online offer advice for professors challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT)
Access unlocked teaching materials to use during the COVID-19 pandemic, information about Take-Home Labs, and the archive of technology-based webinars to assist K-12 teachers as they transition to online teaching.

Journal of Chemical Education
To help educators during this period when schools are closed, the Journal of Chemical Education has created a virtual collection entitled “Resources for Teaching Your Chemistry Class Online: A Free to Read Collection from the American Chemical Society & the ACS Division of Chemical Education.”

Connecting Chemistry to Society
Use the online interactives for the ACS textbook for non-science majors Chemistry in Context(available in e-book), Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry, and ACS Reactions videos.

ACS High School Resources
Free digital resources include selected ChemMatters articles (in English and Spanish), high school lesson plans associated with ChemMatters and ACS National Historical Landmarks, and the ACS high school chemistry textbook Chemistry in the Community (available in e-book for instructors).

ACS Elementary & Middle School Resources
Free digital resources, such as Adventures in ChemistryInquiry in Action, and Middle School Chemistry, are being highlighted.

Resources for Students and Postdocs
The online magazines Graduate and Postdoctoral Chemist and inChemistry, as well as the ACS ChemClub page, continue to serve as information hubs.

ACS Outreach Activities
Current and past editions of Celebrating Chemistry in English and Spanish, with activities for Grades 4-6, continue to be available digitally.

American Diabetes Association (ADA)

ADA’s COVID-19 resource page

American Medical Association (AMA)

AMA’s COVID-19 resource center for physicians

The AMA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus). The AMA is providing essential tools and resources for various communities, including:

A Physician’s Guide to COVID-19

COVID-19 FAQ: Your pressing questions answered

AMA president speaks on preparing physicians for COVID-19

JAMA Network: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

CDC monitoring of COVID-19 outbreak

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

APA’s COVID-19 resource information

With COVID-19 evolving rapidly across the world, APA’s Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters and the APA’s Council on International Psychiatry compiled a comprehensive list of resources for providers, families, and healthcare and community leaders. The resources cover not only the physical impact of the coronavirus, but on its potential mental health and psychosocial issues and responses. The resources also include a section on telepsychiatry, to prepare for the possibility of isolation and/or quarantine.

For immediate assistance:

Disaster Distress Helpline – Call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746

Crisis Textline- Text TALK to 741741 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Call 800-273-8255 or Chat with Lifeline

American Physical Society (APS)

APS’ COVID-19 resource information

APS is committed to doing its part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, while continuing to serve its members, customers, and broader community, as well as ensuring the health and safety of its employees. 

Physical Review Journals

Continuity of Editorial and Publishing Operations

The Physical Review editorial office is fully equipped and actively working to support researchers by continuing to carry out all editorial, peer-review, and publishing functions, while being flexible on deadlines to accommodate changing circumstances.

Off-Campus Access to the Journals

Many researchers now find themselves working away from their institutions and, thus, may have trouble accessing the Physical Review journals. To address this, APS has been improving remote access via several different mechanisms. Learn more

Funding for Science

APS is focused on ensuring that its graduate students and postdocs continue to receive support, despite the shutdown of labs and universities across the country. The response from NSF was immediately positive and they will continue to provide stipends. Through a grassroots-driven APS member alert, the APS Office of Government Affairs is urging other federal agencies to make a similar decision. 

In preparation for any future phase of federal economic stimulus to respond to COVID-19, we have prepared a proposal for making scientific infrastructure a piece of the funding package.

Supporting Educators

Many physics instructors have suddenly found themselves in an unprecedented situation: their institutions are immediately transitioning to a completely online format. Find strategies and lists of resources to get started:

APS News – Moving Physics Courses Online on Short Notice

Download activities for K-8, including coloring books, and at-home science experiments.

APS News and Physics Today

APS members will continue to receive print copies of APS News and Physics Today.

For those who currently receive them at their workplace, they may go to profile to add a delivery address to receive them at home. Please add the address by April 10 to receive the May issues in the mail.

Members can read all the articles published by APS News free online. Read APS News

APS Prizes, Awards, and Fellowships

APS staff are working with Unit leaders to ensure that timely and relevant information is communicated to members and to ensure continuity of awards, prizes, and fellowships. Some fellowship nomination deadlines have been extended. View fellowship deadlines

American Psychological Association (APA)

APA’s COVID-19 resource information

APA is providing a host of resources, tools and tips for the field, members, students and the public through its regularly published communication channels (including Member Update, Practice Update and Six Things Psychologists Are Talking About) and via social media and The website is updated multiple times a day. Some examples of recent popular content:

To encourage greater access to psychological science by the field and others, APA is making freely available scholarly articles relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., health disparities, hardiness). APA has also developed fact sheets and recommendations on many of the issues we are experiencing (e.g., how to practice telework most effectively). 

APA is providing advice for scientists about conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic and sharing strong psychological science with members and the public to help people deal with COVID-19

APA is supporting the practice community as it explores providing telehealth services to clients in this new reality of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. For instance, APA has launched a 50-state and Washington, D.C., telehealth advocacy campaign through which APA and state psychological associations write advocacy letters to private insurers, state regulators and state governors, urging them to approve videoconferencing for all providers without limitation.

APA is providing electronic resources to assist with distance teaching and learning, including free access for instructors to a variety of books and other academic materials offered during this period. For instance, APA Publishing is allowing instructors to use PsycLearn: Research Methods content with their students at no cost for the remainder of this semester. 

To assist students and trainees during this disruptive time, APA has created a COVID-19 Education FAQ document, covering topics from housing, food and internet access, to conducting and managing scientific research, to online teaching and learning. APA is also helping students navigate the world of student loan repayment in light of the COVID-19 situation

American Society of Health Pharmacists (ASHP)

ASHP’s COVID-19 resource page

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

ASME’s COVID-19 resource page

ASME looks to assist researchers and anyone working to bring this health crisis to an end as soon as possible. ASME’s COVID-19 Resource page will make all relevant content free.

ASME Statement on COVID-19 Response


BMJ’s COVID-19 resource page

BMJ has compiled its comprehensive coverage of the coronavirus outbreak from across the BMJ’s journals and learning resources. All articles and resources are freely available.

What you need to know 

Latest coverage 

Most read 

BMJ Journals 

BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning



Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Cambridge University Press’ COVID-19 resource information

Cambridge University Press has updated its free access offering to university libraries and their associated students and faculty – the collection now features its HTML textbooks, as well as Cambridge Histories, Cambridge Companions, and Cambridge Elements – over 2,000 ebooks. This institutional free access offer will be available until the end of May 2020.

CUP’s additional responses:

Free access to coronavirus research on Cambridge Core – more than 150 book chapters and journal articles related to COVID-19, with future articles being added once they are published:

CUP has instituted an APC waiver for COVID-19 specific articles, through to the end of June, for authors.

CUP has also worked with several partners to provide free ebook versions of Press textbooks to students in various regions – for more information see below:

RedShelf Responds:

VitalSource Helps:



CUP has joined other publishers in signing a commitment to make the research available through PubMed Central and other public repositories of journal literature. For more details on this, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic from our Academic Publishing group, please visit here.


Elsevier’s COVID-19 resource information

Elsevier has mobilized all its content, data analytical tools and expertise, from clinicians to data scientists, to support the global fight against COVID-19.

The Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Center, launched in January to provide free access to 28,000 articles from across its 2,500+ health journals and to latest clinical resources for healthcare professionals and patients, has been used by more than 1.5 million people to date.

Elsevier has also made this important body of coronavirus-related literature available free of charge to the world’s leading public medical research databases for full AI-enabled data mining, collaborating with the White House, NIH, WHO, and the Wellcome Trust.

Elsevier teams are working with all its stakeholders in providing them with practical support ranging from remote access to ScienceDirect for librarians, free e-book access for medical and nursing students, to online seminars for authors and podcasts with infectious disease experts. Elsevier has also launches it COVID-19 Healthcare Hub to provide the latest information and guidelines for healthcare professionals in the diagnosis, testing and treatment of patients. (see How Elsevier Is Supporting Your Response to COVID-19).

Emerald Group

Emerald Group’s COVID-19 resource information

Emerald Group Publishing has brought together a number of freely available research resources related to the Coronavirus group of viruses, and epidemics more broadly.

Emerald Group Publishing is making these resources freely available to access. Whilst these materials do not only relate to the current clinical challenges of COVID-19, they may provide relevant context to how the world reacted to other previous Coronavirus outbreaks, notably SARS.

In addition, this content explores the wider impact on society and includes research on healthcare, education, homeworking, SCM and tourism.

All content will be freely available via throughout this public health emergency.

During this time, journal and book content will also be free to access through the World Health Organization and PubMed Central.

Signatory of Wellcome Trust’s statement

We have joined the signatories on the Wellcome Trust’s Statement, designed to ensure that research findings and data, relevant to the Coronavirus outbreak, are shared rapidly and openly to inform the public health response and help save lives.

Funding APCs for Coronavirus Research

To help make research findings related to coronavirus immediately accessible, Emerald Group is funding the article processing charges (APCs) on its open access platform Emerald Open Research. Find out more!

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

NEJM’s COVID-19 resource page

NEJM has provided a collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary.

All Journal content related to the COVID-19 pandemic is freely available.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press’ COVID-19 response information  

As part of its response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the world, Oxford University Press has made content from online resources and leading journals freely accessible to assist researchers, medical professionals, policy makers, and others who are working to address this health crisis.

OUP is a signatory on the Wellcome Trust statement, pledging to share research findings and data rapidly and openly. Working in partnership with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the Wellcome Trust has also coordinated an additional statement, signed by OUP, which pledges that all research will be made immediately available in PubMed Central (PMC) and other public repositories. 

For more information about OUP’s full list of freely accessible materials on offer, a comprehensive list of links to its relevant resources can be found here.

SAGE Publishing

SAGE’s COVID-19 resource information

SAGE Publishing is committed to doing what it can to support the higher education teaching and research communities as together we navigate this difficult time. SAGE knows that the work of the research community will be critical to addressing the challenge of COVID-19. To support this, SAGE has taken a number of actions, for example: 

SAGE has removed the subscription gateway to articles that it believes will be of value to researchers and practitioners at this time. 

SAGE has signed and committed to the Wellcome coordinated statement on sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

SAGE has created and will maintain a microsite that highlights freely available research from both the social and behavioral sciences and medical sciences on COVID-19 and more broadly on managing pandemics. 

SAGE will fast track and publish open access, without any article publishing charges (APCs), research that is relevant to the current pandemic. 

SAGE is hosting a hub at its Social Science Space website focused on sharing what social and behavioral researchers can tell us and teach us – in real time – about public health, mitigation measures, social distancing, and other issues that are important in dealing with COVID-19. 

For authors and early career researchers who are preparing articles for publication in remote and challenging circumstances, SAGE has a range of resources here on our Journals Author Gateway

SAGE also knows that teaching and other university services are being disrupted considerably by the pandemic and is supporting teaching faculty and librarians through this transition. In particular, as many universities move to online teaching, SAGE is making a range of articles available that give advice on how to teach online. SAGE is also giving free access to some online teaching and research materials: 

Free resources and access options to support libraries

US teaching materials

UK teaching materials

All other regions

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)

SIAM’s COVID-19 response page

During this unprecedented time, SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is working hard to continue the high level of support it provides institutional librarians and those in the library network, including these key steps:  

FREE Content

The SIAM Epidemiology Collection, focused on disease modeling, pandemics, and vaccines, is freely available to all for one year.

SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science continues to be freely available this year during its introductory launch period.

Remote Access Options Available

SIAM offers unlimited simultaneous users via VPN or proxy; other remote access options include Shibboleth, access tokens and Google Scholar’s CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access). If librarians have any remote access needs, please contact

Extension of Grace Period For Renewals

To help maintain seamless access for library patrons, SIAM is offering an extension of grace periods for renewals to the end of May 2020 (but encourages librarians to process SIAM renewals as soon as possible).

Latest SIAM updates available at, particularly around conference cancellations/postponements.

Springer Publishing Company

Springer Publishing’s COVID-19 response page

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, Springer Publishing Company has committed to making digital resources and content freely available to aid and support the nurses and health care providers who are on the frontlines of the fight against this pandemic and the educators and students who are leading and innovating online education during this time.  

Springer Publishing has created a content resource landing page with easy access to freely available resources. Its teams have curated content around key topical areas including: Online Learning Resources; Self-Help and Well Being; Disaster Management; Mental Health; and Exam Prep Readiness. Free content includes ebooks, journal articles, and curated material related to the topics that are most needed to help and support the virtual efforts, wellbeing, and safety of healthcare educators, students and practitioners.

For educators and students and in cooperation with industry partners such as CHEGG, Redshelf and VitalSource, Springer Publishing is providing access to digital textbooks and course material from across its catalog free of charge for the rest of the semester.  

For students in Physician Assistant programs who are faced with a great deal of uncertainty right now while clinical rotations are temporarily paused, online access to the full content  The Physician Assistant Student’s Guide to the Clinical Year will be made available through Springer Publishing Connect through May 31, 2020.

Springer Publishing is also partnering with library vendors ProQuest and EBSCO to allow unlimited user access to Springer Publishing content.

In addition, a special COVID-19 online supplement will be distributed through Springer Publishing’s  DailyNurse and MinorityNurse platforms. Part of the goal of this initiative will be to raise funds for PPE for nurses and other healthcare workers.  More information available here.

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis’ COVID-19 resource information

As a leading publisher of trusted science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences research, Taylor & Francis is committed to helping public health authorities, researchers, clinicians and the general public contain and manage the spread of COVID-19.

Taylor & Francis has created a microsite which provides links and references to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and information that can be freely accessed on Taylor & Francis Online and Taylor & Francis ebooks in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research into COVID-19.

As signatories to NIH’s Access to Research initiative, along with the Wellcome Trust’s coordinated action on sharing research data and findings relevant to the outbreak, Taylor & Francis has been working with WHO to ensure this content is clearly signposted. Taylor & Francis is also aligning the OSTP’s initiative to centralize resources on PubMed and are currently working with OSTP to ensure rapid human and machine-readable access (where possible) to research articles and data through the NLM’s LitCovid portal.

More research in this field has been collated by colleagues at F1000Research, through a dedicated Gateway which showcases research published in this area, including preprints, to ensure immediate access to the latest research developments.

Prioritising rapid publication of COVID-19 materials

Taylor & Francis is working with its editors to prioritize peer review of all relevant research. Taylor & Francis is also focusing its workflow to ensure that materials related to the outbreak are fast-tracked through the publication process once they are approved. Editors are proactively encouraging authors to publish and share the data that forms the basis of their research in line with FAIR data principles, and its own data policies.

University of Chicago Press

University of Chicago Press’ COVID-19 research page

University of Chicago Press has made several articles and book reviews about coronaviruses published by its Press Journals free to read on its site.

Wiley Research

Wiley’s COVID-19 resource information

As a publisher of trusted health science, Wiley has made the relevant research articles, book chapters and entries in its major references freely available below, in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research in this disease and similar viral respiratory infections.

In addition to the articles on its site related to the current outbreak, Wiley is also making a collection of journal articles and its book chapters on coronavirus research freely available to the global scientific community. On workdays, newly published articles are made free within 24 hours of publication. Articles published after 14:00 (EST) on Friday will be made free the following Monday.

In response to the call to action from OSTP and other governments, Wiley will start feeding content into PubMed Central as it comes in and licensing it to maximize discoverability and usability.

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer’s COVID-19 resource information

Wolters Kluwer’s top priority is to protect the health and well-being of our communities and to arm customers with the latest information available as the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves. To support health professionals working around the clock to meet those most in need, Wolters Kluwer is making several updates and resources available – at no charge – for clinicians, nurses and medical researchers, in response to new developments, evidence and guidance. These include COVID-19 resources for care teams using UpToDate and Emmi, including patient resources and pulmonary and critical care medicine, along with a wide range of free, curated Covid-19 medical and nursing resources & tools for scientists, epidemiologists, clinical researchers and nurses.

Scholarly Publisher Partners:

Association of University Presses (AUPresses)

The Association of University Presses’ (AUPresses’) UP Social Distancing Collaboration

Copyright Alliance (CA)

Copyright Alliance’s COVID-19 resource page

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

Copyright Clearance Center’s COVID-19 resource information


JSTOR’s COVID-19 resource information


ProQuest’s COVID-19 response information

See Also: Collaboration with The White House

AAP Statement on White House Effort to Convene Researchers, Funders and Publishers in Effort to Combat COVID-19